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what is wordpress, wordpress basic training, wordpress beginners

WordPress Plugins Do? How to use?

It is an open source content management system software developed with WordPress , PHP and MySQL, licensed under GPL (General Public License) . At the last point reached with wordpress, which was originally developed as a blog software, it has become possible to make a news site , real estate site , advertisement site or corporate website .

WordPress generally works with the post and page creation system. In this way, within minutes, by adding categories, you can write articles belonging to these categories and create pages such as about me , my works , and contact . You can also add media files (visual, video, document, etc.) and visitors can comment on your posts. These basic features that I count are the ones in the most empty (without plugin) form of wordpress.

With themes and plugins written for WordPress , these features can be increased on demand and made suitable for the desired project. For example, it is possible to add additional options such as real estate announcement registration, creation of real estate properties, which are required for a real estate website, to the wordpress system.

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WordPress is safe . Current versions of WordPress have been made very secure. Considering that security is very important for a website, we can say that wordpress meets expectations at this point.

Millions in use today ! The site is approximately 30 percent ‘u WordPress infrastructure has been developed with. As you can see from this information, wordpress is a very useful system.

WordPress History

WordPress said hello to us in 2003. WordPress, which was used by very few people when it was first released , started to act as a blog script .

what is wordpress, wordpress basic training, wordpress beginners

WordPress replaced the blogging tool b2 / cafelog , developed by French programmer Michel Valdrighi in 2001 . b2 / cafeblog was removed in 2002, and then Matt Mullenweg , a college student using b2, and his friend Mike Little started developing WordPress in 2003. While these two friends started developing wordpress, they wanted to create a new software based on b2 software. The WordPress name is said to be suggested by Mullenweg’s friend Christine Selleck .

2005 has been a year of important developments for WordPress. This year, we first met version 1.5, which offers theme support, and then we witnessed that the number of users who download wordpress is over 900 thousand. WordPress.com , which can be used without any technical knowledge and without purchasing hosting , was opened immediately to reach more users . Later, Automattic , a web development company, was founded by some of the founders of the WordPress team .

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Since 2003, when WordPress opened its eyes, it has adopted user experience and web standards as its focus and continues to be developed as a distinct product.

In other developments experienced in 2005 a Uk WordPress behalf of the removal of documents and shortage of resources for WordPress Uk ‘s establishment was. In the continuation of this formation, with 2.0.2 version in May 2006, WordPress started to be presented to users in Uk.

With over 1.5 million downloads in 2006, WordPress continued to grow in popularity with over 3.5 million downloads in 2007. While 370 different add-ons were downloaded over 190,000 in 2006, over 1,200 add-ons received close to 3 million downloads in 2007.

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WordCamp ( central.wordcamp.org ), the first WordPress conference, was held in San Francisco in 2006. WordCamp conferences continue to be held in many parts of the world today.