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What is affiliate marketing and how it works

Affiliate marketing is a commercial agreement between the affiliate and the advertiser that provides for the payment in percentage of each sale coming from the affiliate platform, the affiliate website creates the contents and promotes the advertiser’s products through techniques of web marketing (Seo, Advertising campaigns, Social networks).

Through an affiliate program (later we will see the most important ones) each affiliate has a unique code (a link) in order to track all sales directly.

Many people start working with affiliations, with the perception of quick and easy earnings, but this is not the reality, to earn good money you have to work hard, generate quality traffic, spend money on advertising and work on multiple markets, in this job passion is not enough, there is a need for technique, skills on SEO, web marketing, studying targets and competitors.

In summary, the protagonists of affiliate marketing are:

The affiliate: the webmaster, who publishes banners and content on his site with the aim of recommending third party products or services, will be paid with a commission as a percentage of sales.

The merchant: the advertiser company that has its products promoted by affiliates in exchange for a sales commission.

The affiliate network: the portal that unites these two figures, deals with all the technical and economic aspects, enforces the rules.

The techniques to use

The techniques used by the affiliate are different and multiple, but identical to all those that are used in web marketing, the only difference is that instead of promoting his products, he promotes those of the merchants.

Different types of conversion pages can be used, such as the squeezy page (optin page), simple pages with the purpose of collecting visitors’ emails, offering in exchange free resources such as: videos, guides, courses, discount codes.

The Landing Pages are real sales pages, which have a well-structured layout, written and multimedia contents that accompany the customer to the purchase.

Finally there are the Advertorial pages, sales pages disguised as review pages, they are widely used in the sale of products because they provide a lot of information to the user, opinions of other customers, moreover they are better indexed on search engines because they are complete.

Traffic sources for your affiliate portal

There are several sources of traffic that affiliates use to increase sales, the most important are organic search, paid search and traffic from Social Networks.

How to get started

The first step is to buy a domain and create your own website, if we do not have the necessary skills, we rely on a professional.

Create your social pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, you can in the future insert your affiliate link also here.

In addition to having to know the SEO optimization techniques for search engines, and to structure advertising campaigns, you will have to learn about the products you want to sell, this point is essential to push customers to click on the affiliate link.

Use Google Analitycs to understand and optimize sales processes, user behavior, the pages that convert the most and those to be reviewed.

Choose an affiliate platform, test different channels, both networks and merchants, based on your traffic and your target you could understand which is better for your website.