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What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

The affiliation I have already explained in this article but I want to be even clearer and more exhaustive in this second article.

After all, the blog deals with affiliations, affiliate marketing, “affiliation”, call them a bit as you like, but the concept always remains that of trying to “sell” third party products.

You understood correctly I wrote deliberately “sell” and be wary of those who tell you otherwise because basically it is a sale / non sale after I explain better.

You probably came to this blog after your close friend said to you: “Hey you know that with affiliations you can earn a lot of money without doing anything.”

Here, I advise you to find another friend, joke, coming back to us you will have asked yourself: “hell if it’s so easy I can also earn in this way and so not happy with the summary explanations of yours, now ex-friend, you searched on google affiliate marketing and you found my blog.

List Building Program

Don’t worry I’ll explain it to you.

In a few words it is an agreement where the affiliate (your future job) undertakes to promote / recommend the product / service offered by the merchant (or Advertiser, in short, the one who owns the object or service in question)

I consider it the evolution of representative work.

Once upon a time a strange and euphoric guy rang you at the door with a Goblin in hand ready to clean your house and now the goblin sells it directly to you online without making kilometers, without many breaks and maybe just making a video review or writing an article on the blog .

There are 3 parts in play:

1 The advertiser / Merchant or who has the product / service to sell

2 The publisher or affiliate who takes care to sell / recommend the product

3 The end user or consumer

The beauty of being an affiliate is that you earn without having the problem of creating a product, taking care of logistics or even worse of customer care.

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In practice the affiliate’s only problem is to promote affiliate links .

I already feel that you are no longer in the skin, you want to know everything and immediately … quiet we get there.

You may be wondering where to start earning with Affiliate Marketing and the answer has 2 possibilities:

1 ask for access to an affiliate network

2 directly join an affiliate program

affiliation: logos of the main affiliate network platforms

Affiliate network

Affiliate Networks or Affiliate Programs: What’s the Difference?

The affiliate network is basically a Marketplace where you can find many offers and campaigns divided by types that will be promoted by the affiliates who in turn (you will already be rubbing your hands ….) will receive commissions based on the sales made.

While joining the Affiliate Program means dealing directly with the Advertiser without going through the network

Affiliate network

As we said, they are a sort of Marketplace where Advertisers (or also called Merchants) are inside

The task of the affiliate network is to manage the various transactions between the parties as well as checking that the affiliates correctly promote the campaigns.

The advantage of working with an affiliate network is that the campaigns are all in one place and you can choose which one to join.

It is a win to win relationship because advertisers rely on the network to have a sales network available, the network earns by keeping a percentage by managing the affiliates and the affiliates who will basically take care of promoting the products in question, they will also have a percentage on every sale.