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The positioning websites and ‘become necessary if a company or a freelancer want to publicize their products or services. It is possible to reach a website positioning for free . In this section you will find useful tips to achieve a good Google Seo positioning . The free Google positioning is not ‘never entirely free. All the techniques you find in this section, even if tested over the years, require a lot of effort

COVID-19 and variations on Google searches, from SEOZoom the first algorithm to measure the impact
May 11, 2020 by Andrea Barbieri
covid-19 variations google seozoom searches
COVID-19 and variations of Google searches, from SEOZoom the first algorithm to measure the impact
The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed our lives but has also varied searches on Google. The suite SEOZoom and ‘was the first to devise an algorithm that misurasse these changes on Google searches for effects of the coronavirus . Which without a shadow of a doubt has also had dramatic effects on requests made to the search engine.

This new option aims to improve understanding of the digital search trend for all companies working in the digital field such as:

professional consultants,
those who deal with blogs,
Before moving on, I suggest you to watch the video tutorial to discover the advantages and how to use this new platform functionality.

In fact, normal research has been overwhelmed by the coronavirus. Because people have changed their behavior by adapting to the new reality around them. A composed reality:

from social distancing,
from work from home (smart working),
anxiety and depression,
no longer have the opportunity to live as before,
take distance lessons.
These changes are also reflected in the searches we do online every day. And Google more than others understood these changes, even before the traditional media. We can say without doubt that Google is the most used means of communication by millions of Italians to search for an answer; certainly the part of the giant is the research done by mobile devices.

For companies that have a website and a Corporate Blog
Corporate Blog A Corporate Blog is a corporate blog. In …
and in any case they work in the digital marketing sector they are interested in getting information on the variation of behavior and habits on Google . And all of this is a fundamental pillar for continuing to be competitive. And to intercept the new needs that have developed and people ‘s research intentions .

All the tools we know give only a photograph based on statistical averages in relation to the normal periods prior to coronavirus. And for this reason they are no longer reliable . Precisely because of the pandemic and sudden event, they completely invalidated their way of achieving the statistical result.

This is because the calculation of the traditional average based on previous 12 months no longer has a constant continuity. But it must act in a completely different scenario. And the search volumes of keywords given by even well-known tools are no longer reliable and precise. SEOZoom by voice of Ivano Di Biasi (founder of SEOZoom) and Giuseppe Liguori CEO of SEOZoom have come to a finding that photographs the current scenario of search engine searches:

” We realized that COVID-19 is changing the Search world, that it is changing users’ search intents and we have created an algorithm to understand the market fluctuations linked to the extraordinary event COVID-19 “

In past years, the variation in user search flows on Google showed a regular trend. Most often regulated by seasonal rhythms. The impact of COVID-19 has drastically distorted the research flow scenario. And it was necessary to intervene to give more answers to all those who work online. Still continue De Biasi and Liguori:

” We care about data accuracy and we wanted to offer an innovative and useful function to our users, who can thus have clear information and understand what is happening to searches today, practically in real time “

The new coronavirus algorithm , an absolute novelty in the global SEO panorama, is capable of projecting the interest of users in the previous 12 months, reflecting it on the current scenario. Using search trends , and it has already been entered and in operation for all subscribers to the platform.

To understand all this it is necessary to take keywords that reflect the old and new search flows such as:

do you travel,
homemade bread,