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Straw bags: the most sought-after models and must-haves for the summer

Until a few years ago they were dusted off only in late summer: once tucked into the suitcase of the holidays, they were used exclusively to go to the beach and contain everything you need. But for some seasons now straw bags have been regaining the scene among summer accessories as true protagonists, becoming a must have to be flaunted with ease even in the city.

Romantic and carefree, summer 2020 marks the return of straw bags. The latest trends and the most sought after models

Geometric shapes

Jane Birkin used to fill them with flowers and decorate the handles with colorful and imaginative scarves. Handcrafted from wicker weaves, the wicker basket sported by Jane became the symbol of her transformation : from a respectable London girl to an icon of style and trendsetter on the romantic streets of Paris.

With that carefree and dreamy allure that distinguishes them from all the others, straw bags make us relive those unforgettable scenes in which the divas, in the now distant 50s, strolled on the beaches of Saint Tropez showing off this accessory also on the streets Some cities.

In 2020 straw bags will experience their great return on the beaches , but we will see the real turning point in their combination next to everyday looks : in fact, this accessory is perfect to complete every daily outfit , from the most minimal and sophisticated ones to the more elegant and formal ones.

In the spring / summer 2020 bag collections you will discover many different types: from the bucket with shoulder strap to the models decorated with fun embroidery or precious applications. This year all (but all) models are in trend.

Geometric shapes

In terms of straw bags, this year the trend is embodied in geometric shapes : from the more angular models with rigorous lines to the softer ones such as the bucket, an absolute trend. The perfect outfit to show them off with? Light jeans, romantic blouse or t-shirt in neutral shades and at the foot espadrilles or wedges with ankle lacing.

Straw bucket Refurbishhouse

The trendy bucket of summer 2020

The straw bucket signed Refurbishhouse is the straw bag of 2020. Its trendy shape will complete all your outfits, from the most elegant to the simplest and minimal ones. The top handle, in bamboo, can be alternated with a practical removable shoulder strap at any time thanks to the practical side hooks.


Model with both handle and shoulder strap, which you can easily remove at any time thanks to the practical side hooks

The interior is lined, where there are some pockets (also with zip)


Attention to capacity: this model is not very large and, consequently, you can store only what is strictly necessary

The geometric shape will dress the trendy straw bags of 2020. Source: asos

ASOS Design, in its new catalog of spring / summer 2020 bags, includes some interesting straw bag models with original geometric shapes :

the angular hexagon covers the first model, equipped with a practical shoulder strap and with a snap button closure at the top;

the circle is the second shape proposed by ASOS, the most loved for a few seasons now . The first model, with white weaves that alternate with the more classic straw, is also equipped with a practical shoulder strap and button closure on the top.

the round shopper , on the other hand, is offered in natural straw : the two side handles are long enough to be placed also on the shoulder.