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Straw bags for the sea

2020 requires straw bags for the sea to be large and capacious, without sacrificing particular detail . The over versions are designed to contain everything you need to spend a sunny day on the beach, in the swimming pool or at the lake: from the towel to the set of sun creams (never to be forgotten!), To the inevitable summer reading and sunglasses .

Aoopoo beach straw bag

The straw bag for summer 2020

The Aoopoo straw bag is the choice to bet on if you are looking for a straw bag that will accompany you during the summer. Made of natural straw, its large capacity will allow you to always have everything you need at your fingertips.

€ 32 on Amazon


Made of natural straw

In the inner lining there is also a pocket, and on the surface it closes with a practical zip

Very capacious

Equipped with both short and long handles, ideal for carrying on the shoulder


This bag is handmade: although very resistant, pay attention to what you put inside. Excessive weight can cause premature wear or breakage of both the shoulder strap and the handles.

Exclusively for ASOS, the South Beach brand offers an orange bag in maxi volume with fun fringes on the three side edges : the upper part is open and will allow you to always have everything at hand. In addition, the two side handles are wide enough to allow you to carry it on your shoulder.

ASOS Design, in its new collection of straw bags, also offers the most classic and beloved shopper , in its natural color and in the capacious rectangular format.

To show off (also) in the city

Thanks to the countless looks published by fashion bloggers and influencers, the straw bag, for some years now, can also be shown in the city. Matching it to everyday looks is very simple: you can combine this summer accessory alongside minimal looks, such as the leisure one, or a more elegant outfit like office outfits, where this accessory will dampen their serious tone.

Straw bags to show off even in the city. Source: asos

As for straw city bags, 2020 imposes color : pastel shades are perfect, but there is also room for the most decisive and original nuances.

South Beach creates, exclusively for ASOS, the transparent shopper with round and short bamboo handles: the checked motif, in a shade of green tending to sage, will accompany you all your days. Moreover, thanks to the upper opening you will always have everything at hand.

The & Other Stories brand, on the other hand, offers a crescent-shaped straw bag , declined in a shade that mixes green and blue, very strong and decisive . The upper part closes with a practical zip while the chain shoulder strap can be easily replaced thanks to the hook that closes on one of the two sides.

Joseko straw shoulder bag

Joseko offers a line of fun straw bags that are a must-have. The fruit decorations cover the front of the model, which closes with a hook. The shoulder strap is not removable, but you can always insert it inside the bag and show it off as if it were a clutch. Inside there is a small pocket, and it is lined with a nice pattern with red and white squares.


Available with different embroideries: from hearts to cherries

Lined, inside there is a small pocket

Excellent gift idea!