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The daily routine that we have does not always allow great productions every morning. So having some Styling tricks on hand to make the look different is always good. And, if you can put it into practice quickly, even better!

Often, without even realizing it, we end up giving a touch or two to the look to make it personalized and renewed. These small changes make all the difference and generally do not involve spending.

So, today, to make dressing time even more stimulating, I’m going to give you some tips that we Stylists use to make a look more interesting and out of the ordinary.


It is an almost instinctive styling trick that helps to mark the waist and enhance the silhouette, in addition to hiding the butt. Who has much butt gets better with a less bulky piece.

Take the proposal for skirts, shorts and dresses, satrangi but, always remembering that this is a super-informal look, then it doesn’t go well at work environments or social events.khaadi online

This style (high – high / low – low) plays with the mixture of more elaborate pieces with more basic pieces. Imagine, for example, combining sweatpants with party clothes or heels; embroidered jeans; a regatta with a tailoring blazer; sequined skirt with basic shirt …

It is also possible to mix traditional and technological fabrics, or a heavier one, such as leather, with silk, which is lighter. It is important to always be attentive to your personal signature, so the look is not over.

It is the one used to give personality to a basic look. In addition, you can refine the silhouette.

The favorites to use as a third piece are kimonos, vests, blazers, jackets and coats. The poncho also goes very well in this function, as it is super versatile and can be used over dresses, pants and skirts.

The entire blouse inside the pants can increase shoulders and breasts. From the outside, you can shorten your legs and hide your waist. So, putting the blouse one part in, one part out is a great way out for those who want to lengthen the silhouette and define the waist without it becoming the focal point.eave some of the last buttons open and place only a part of the piece into the nishat skirt or pants.An accessory transforms any look almost instantly. For this reason, always have necklaces, earrings, glasses, scarves, tiaras or bandanas, belts and even bags on hand (in fact, it is a trend to tie a scarf or bandana on the bag, wrist and even ankle).

The belt has the power to highlight the waist or the hip, so, if that is the intention, abuse this accessory: tied, over coats – open or closed. Scarves are also worth instead of belts. Another really cool way to innovate is to tie your belt instead of just buckling it up.


Apparent sleeve : bet on the sleeve outside the jacket. It can be an oversized shirt underneath or even pull the jacket sleeve up. Colorful or printed shirts make the result even more charming!

Blouse under the dress: it doesn’t matter if it is high collar, long sleeve or short. Combine with a simple strapless dress, preferably low-cut . The cool thing is that this look allows you to wear a summer piece in the winter without anyone being cold.

It is possible to dare even more :

dresses over pants and tops over dresses. Another very fashion tip is to wear a t-shirt over your shirt, worth a try!

When you are wearing your shirt, slightly raise the sleeves to show the cuff. Blazers and jackets are also valued with this tip.

Sleeves of folded shirts are super-cute.
Folding the bars of the pants changes everything: a pumps and a loose hem have a more formal face. The same pants with the folded hem is already more stripped. Smaller women can also take advantage of this trick, which looks even better with high-waisted pants.

To make the look more modern, pull the sleeves of the blazer up and let a little of the shirt appear.