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Asymmetrical skirts: know how to use and what to combine!

The straight skirt is the perfect thing for every Christian woman, and we will never abandon her! But, between us, it is sometimes very good to give a new look, as this makes our style much more modern. So, for you who want to escape a little from the traditional skirt, we have a novelty: the asymmetrical skirt!

That’s right, the asymmetrical skirt is a novelty that has taken place in the windows and wardrobes of women, and even the most conservative are adopting the trend. Like the straight, it is easy to combine and create different looks.

This model first appeared and now it’s back with everything! The asymmetric skirt has this name precisely because it has different lengths, breaking the symmetry of the straight model. Thus, asymmetry can be adhered to by different skirt styles: pencil, bell, with ruffles and asymmetrical cuts, jeans, prints, among others. It caters for all tastes and body types, including plus size. Check out our models of asymmetrical skirts now and fall in love with this novelty!nishat linen online

Asymmetric skirt models: How to wear!
If you still don’t love this trend, it’s because you never used it. It is a mixture of elegance and practicality rang rasiya , in addition to being very stylish. The asymmetric effect can be created by diagonal bars , the longest back, lengths in different layers, buttons, ruffles … Anyway, find out below the models of asymmetric skirts rang rasiya lawn

Asymmetric pencil
skirt : The pencil skirt is a style very present in the female wardrobe, as it is versatile and fits in both formal and casual occasions. It is elegant and very easy to match: blouses and loose shirts look amazing , for example. The asymmetric pencil skirt is a variation of the traditional one and its height, which is usually at the knee, can vary, with one side slightly shorter than the other.
Pencil in the variation of jeans is a good choice to put together a modern and stripped look, but opt ​​for blouses without many details so the composition is not too flashy. If you want to add a touch of elegance, it’s worth betting on blouses made of fine fabrics, such as silk and crepe.

Asymmetric ruffle
skirt The asymmetric ruffle skirt is a good idea for those who like midi skirts. Its length usually goes from below the knee to the half of the shin, and the ruffle is drawn diagonally, giving the silhouette an elongated effect. The fabrics can be diverse, from the mesh to the jeans, and it fits very well in casual looks .

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Asymmetric bell skirt:
Known as a trumpet skirt or bell skirt , it gets its name because of its shape that is tight at the hip and gains volume close to the knee, with a ruffle. You can use it on several occasions, with options of fabrics for social events and more stripped fabrics for everyday life. You can find options with asymmetric ruffles or with asymmetrical cuts.

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Bell skirt with asymmetric ruffle:
The bell skirt with asymmetrical ruffle is an incredible modality of the traditional, with an elegant touch and a lot of charm. The model fits well for any type of body, even for those with wide hips, since it balances the volume. The skirt can have a division, between the hem and the ruffle, straight or even diagonal, with variations in lengths. Another option is the frill in format mermaid tail, is simply beautiful. It is worth investing in this model!

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Barred bell skirt with asymmetrical cutouts:
Unlike the ruffled bell style, the asymmetry of this skirt is found on the hem, which may have pleats, somewhat reminiscent of the evasive model, but which end up longer than the hem of the skirt. It’s stylish and super sophisticated

The mullet skirt is named after the 80s haircuts, which were short at the front and long at the back. And she follows that same principle of length , becoming a trend in the fashion world. There are models of very different sizes, but all of our models are subtle and delicate. Bet on the destroyed or frayed mullet jeans with basic blouses!

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plus size Plus size women should also dive into this trend! Asymmetric models, especially diagonal ones, are great for balancing the body silhouette, as they make it look longer visually.

Asymmetric dress
In addition to the skirts, we have the alternative of the asymmetric dress. It is more sophisticated and perfect for social events. Wear asymmetrical bell, mullet or tube dresses to look stylish at any occasion!

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On the Via Evangélica website you will find all these models of asymmetrical skirts and a huge variety of clothes designed especially for Christian women. And to receive more evangelical fashion tips, keep following our blog and always stay updated!