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10 Tips for clothes that lose weight: looks to hide the tire

When we put on a few pounds we go straight to the black clothes in the wardrobe, right?

What many women do not know is that there are many other options of pieces that help you lose weight visually .

It is exactly at this time of discomfort with weight that we should seek motivation to take care of our health , eat well and exercise – but always remembering to use specific fitness clothes so as not to compromise performance, of course.

In this process, finding outfits that make you feel good is essential. Therefore, we have separated some clothing tips that will help you to disguise the pounds and make your self-esteem stay up there!

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Tip 1: clothes of the ideal size

The first thing we do when we gain a few pounds is to choose the largest clothes in the closet to wear. Do not do it!

Believe it or not, the best way out is to use a piece of your size . Nothing fair, nothing big.

With loose clothing, your silhouette disappears, leaving you with the volume of clothing . With too little tights it is also difficult to put compression stockings or shorts to tune, because the piece itself marks.

Using the correct size, you can wear something underneath to shrink a few centimeters and remove the marking from the lingerie. We even have a post that deals with what to wear under the dress so as not to score? . Enjoy reading.

blog theme what to wear shorts strap under the piece

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Tip 2: dark colors
We are already tired of hearing that black slims . But he is not the only one who works. It is possible to invest in dresses and in shades of dark blues, dark greens even wine red to compose your looks.

Long skirts and dresses, for example, with a strong, closed color wash contribute a lot. You can even add a pointed toe heel , like a pumps, to lengthen the silhouette .

As the objective is to disguise the “weak points”, invest in dark colors in the regions that you do not want to show, such as hips, bust and belly. Or keep everything uniform , betting on monochromatic sets , which we will talk about next.

theme long dresses that make us thinner

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Tip 3: monochrome sets
The sets are a perfect option to reduce measures! The biggest secret is to vary the tones , giving preference to the darker ones at strategic points .

Dresses or monochrome sets or in the same shades of color, are great pret wear alternatives, bring harmony and femininity to the production. And don’t forget the jump to finish!

blog theme manochromatic sets that make us thinner

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Tip 4: mark the waist
Marking the waist is a valid recommendation . The big mistake of women is to think that wearing something wide will solve the situation. However, as we already said, this is not a solution!

Delimiting the waist helps to shape the silhouette , making the body more beautiful. A nice model for this is the evasê skirt , which has an A-shape.

Important tip: prefer skirts and pants with high or medium waistband . Casualties often emphasize a lot the breeches.

blog theme skirts that disguise the hips

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Tip 5: clothes with few details
Buttons, ruffles, rhinestones or any attention-grabbing detail should be avoided in places you don’t want to expose. Precisely because they cause volume and, instead of decreasing, increase.

Therefore, plain clothes , without details, are the most suitable!

Tip 6: bet on small prints
When we talk about prints, women who want to lose weight visually already run away. And it doesn’t have to be that way. The thing is to choose the right print .

The big ones, especially with clear backgrounds, should be left out if your plan is to tune. They increase and give the feeling that everything is bigger .

The scheme is to invest in small prints, with dark backgrounds, like minimalist flowers, tiny geometric and leopard print.

Remember to opt for bold colors , especially in geometric designs.

small prints theme make us thinner

Tip 7: invest in V necklines
Perfect for those with a large bust or extra measurements on the belly, the V-neck helps to disguise and lengthen the silhouette . The V manages to “divide” the body, drawing attention to the navel and refining the outline . In addition to highlighting the shoulders and face, taking the focus from the belly.

However, be careful with very deep necklines so that nothing is exposed.

theme invest in v necklines 10 tips for clothes that lose weight

Tip 8: wear sleeves
Some women, when they gain measures, worry about their arms. Hiding them a little bit can make them smaller.

Try wearing blouses with sleeves, the longest and even those that reach half the arms. Showing from the elbow gives the impression of thinning .

theme blouses and dresses with sleeves disguise fat

Tip 9: Vertical stripes
Striped clothes are more than released. But the vertical ones , okay? For, in addition to reducing measures, they lengthen the body . The ideal is to use dark tones or contrasts between white and black.

A striped blouse or striped dress is able to tune more than one dark, smooth piece.

Ah! Follow the same idea of ​​the prints: medium and thinner lines to stretch the body. Thick lines tend to make the silhouette wider.

vertical stripes blog theme lengthen the body make it look slimmer

Tip 10: Thin pointed heels
Jumps help a lot! In addition to keeping the body naturally slim , the thin point elongates the silhouette , reducing a few pounds. For short ones, heels with a tone close to the skin are the most recommended.

And they can be used in quiet places, with a denim skirt, for example, and at important events, combined with elaborate looks.

So, what did you think of our tips? Share with friends and be sure to follow our blog and check other posts like this. On our website you will find several options of evangelical clothes , come check it out!