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Plus size dress models: create looks for all occasions

The little black dress , the one with floral prints, the one for festive, satin, asymmetrical looks … these are just some of the plus size dress models that are among the darlings of women in love with democratic evangelical fashion and love their quilts.

In fact, fashion collections for chubby women have increasingly shown, collection after collection, the importance of varied, versatile and exuberant looks – which disguise what women want to disguise and further enhance what is beautiful and stylish.

Fortunately, all this variety also applies to dresses, indispensable items in the closet of the evangelical woman who loves to be attuned to fashion trends, while not giving up Christian values.

However, as there are still many doubts about how to put together looks, myths and truths about Christian fashion in this context and which pieces are ideal for each occasion, Via Evangélica has prepared exclusive content with the best tips on how plus size women can rock in looks with several models of dresses!frock design

Follow the reading and get inspired:

Basic looks with everyday dress
We all know that the dress is a democratic and universal piece – it fits all occasions, it is easy to match the rest of the look and, of course, they are beautiful and varied. The real universal piece, together with the skirts!

This means that they can be worked on all types of bodies, including day-to-day assemblies, those that are more basic and do not require as much fashion information, even if it is stylish.

In the case of plus size models, the fit, cut and finish of the dress depends on which region you do not want to highlight: do you want to take the focus off the belly? So dresses with sleeves and bust work are a great tip to highlight the face and other features that you prefer to highlight.

A model that is guaranteed success is the one worked with front buttons above the waist – which bring texture, fashion information and leave the mood of the look lighter, fun and  khaadi sale relaxed.

The stylized sleeves , for example, create harmony in silhouette, providing a more balanced look, harmonious and shows the organic contours of the body, but without emphasizing the belly.

If you want to disguise the bust, we use the reverse logic:

the work is with the bottom of the dress: the bars, the type of trim and other types of finish. A little basque with a straight or godê trim , for example, softens the bust volume, as it matches the lower and upper proportions of the body – not to mention that a little one fits well with everything!

Just finish off the look with an appropriate shoe – a sneaker, a practical and comfortable sneaker, a mule or even a flatform that, in case you don’t know what it is, we have a post talking all about the outfit here on the blog, check it out!

Belt dress: bet on the model!
For a long time, we believed that marking the waist was a “mistake”, when it comes to plus size fashion , because it was believed that this created the effect of division, “breaking” the silhouette of the body. However, know that this is another myth that we were told!

Satin dresses are great options for chubby fashionistas who love a feminine, delicate and super Christian look . What actually happens is that, as with all biotypes, it is necessary to choose the models that best suit your personal style and intentions.

A great tip for those who are still not sure are the high belts, in which the marking is not exactly on the waist line, but a little higher. This helps to soften the marking of the belly, for those who have this intention, and also lengthens the silhouette – that is, perfect for the short ones!

Remember that loose plus size dresses also have their value! In fact, there is no need to use only strapped models: the ideal is to work with the versatility of looks, not to mention that tight models are indicated for formal occasions, such as work, worship and casual events.


Floral and print: yes or clear !?

What woman doesn’t love a floral or creative print? They bring joy, freshness and liveliness to the look, not to mention the intensity of colors inspired by nature and present in the most diverse types of models.

This type of print is indispensable in the most tidy looks, in daytime compositions for work, leisure activities and walks. The secret of the floral print (and other types of print) is the size: in the plus size models, the tip is to take advantage of the options with larger prints , which are less striking, but do not fall short in style.

Regarding colors, another myth is that chubby women can only wear clothes of dark and sober colors. Of course not! In fact, the floral is, in essence, alive and colorful and, for this reason, it is okay to bet on more intense colors, as long as they do not harm the aesthetic sense of the look.

Party look: what to wear?

This is perhaps the biggest question, not only for the chubby woman, but also for evangelical women as a whole: after all, what is the most appropriate party look ? When it comes to the classic answer, bet on the long one!

The plus size long dress is like a traditional long model: worked in stones, finishes and luxury trims, for wedding parties and important events; and prints (and you already understand), for evening and more formal events, such as cults, rehearsals and the like.

In this case, it is worth applying the same tips that we gave for everyday looks – the choice of the model depends on which region you want to emphasize and which one you intend to disguise. One way or another, the result you already know: a lot of style, elegance and beauty!

Did you like our tips? Now that you know everything about dresses, how about learning more about skirt models and finding out which one suits you the most? Also take the opportunity to follow the Via Evangélica blog – every week there is new content with evangelical fashion tips for cool women! See you!