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Check out the social sets to use on the desktop!

Perfect Social Sets for work, how to choose

The time when women were limited to housework and skirts is long gone. Today, they show the victory in this aspect with super elegant and charming looks, with dresses and sets to go to work.

Work is usually the place where people spend most of the day and, therefore, there is no reason not to look good.

Furthermore, the way we dress says a lot about us and our professional attitude. It is necessary to know which clothes to use for each environment, and to always have common sense. Social units with light, well-maintained fabrics, with good finishes, for example, convey an image of responsibility.

We’ll help you put together your perfect look for the day to day without losing your elegance khaadi online. The tip is to choose more neutral tones, without calling too much attention. This is not to say that you cannot use colors and prints. The idea is to leave this part to the accessories, or alternate plain pieces with prints.

Unique pieces are also good options. The dresses are great allies to circumvent the seriousness of the corporate look , especially on summer days. Keep an eye on the length of the dress to avoid making mistakes when combining it with the shoe.

With skirts, you can bet on versions with fashion details, such as a discreet slit, cutouts and ties.rang rasiya

White shirt is a classic piece that cannot be missing from the closet.

The coolest thing is that you can adapt it for different occasions. You can combine it with a blazer, with overalls, long skirts, midi, at the knee.

Extra tip: if you want to innovate, choose a blazer with boyfriend modeling and structured fabric.

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Perfect looks for the executive woman
Regardless of where you work, the most important thing is to appreciate good taste and elegance. After all, executive fashion tends to be a little more serious than our everyday clothes.

The ¾ sleeve is very elegant! In the case of dress shirts, you can fold your sleeves and make the look more relaxed.

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· Pencil skirt.

A classic of business fashion! With the pencil skirt, you can’t go wrong.

Our tip is to combine those that are a little tighter with a looser top. After all, balance is everything when it comes to dressing for work.

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· Blazers

Allied to the blazers are the vests. They can even replace the blazer on hotter days and are super modern!

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· Midi skirts and dresses

If your question is about the length.The models of skirts and midi dresses have everything!

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Important Tips
· If you use prints and colored pieces, be careful that the details are not disconnected, as if they were fighting to get attention.

· Monochromatic looks – of a single color – are not tacky and are perfect to harmonize the silhouette, in addition to lengthening it.

· For Plus size looks, social outfits look great. What fashionistas indicate is not to abuse in very extravagant colors and prints, as this visually increases the silhouette.

· Invest in accessories and make up if the look is very neutral and looks dull. A lipstick, a more pink blush on the skin, dark bags, necklaces, in short, are great options to give life to the look without drawing attention.

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