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How can evangelical women take advantage of fashion?

In the evangelical environment we find many different doctrines and several rules about dress are placed by them. In addition to taking into account what the Bible says about being prudent about external beauties and always focusing more on our inner beauty. Often, with all the rules and prohibitions, it is difficult to know how the evangelical woman can enjoy fashion, right? It sounds complicated, but it is a simpler subject than you think!

Fashion is for everyone. Regardless of religion, your style can be maintained.

That’s exactly it! You can be up to date with fashion even if you are evangelical!

Today it is much easier to find clothing stores specializing in clothing for evangelical women and these stores always seek to keep clothes updated in the trends of the female universe, maintaining the decency and behavior of the Christian piece.

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How can evangelical women take advantage of fashion?
As we said, fashion is open! Evangelical women can enjoy fashion like any other woman, maintaining the class and elegance that a Christian woman should have.

We separated some beautiful looks that are focused on fashion that include the delicacy and sophistication of the modern woman, look at that!

Looks for work
How about investing in a basic? The black skirt and white T-shirt is a wild card for the work environment! It can also be accompanied by a black blazer and a black high heel too. And even the basic look is beautiful!pret wear

Check out some beautiful looks for you to go to work!

And in the cold, the basics of a show! Invest in an all black outfit and a long cardigan in a different color for a more stripped and warm look. The shoe can be a black medium-high boot of your choice.

A skirt , pants, dress or leggings works with this outfit. And a t-shirt closer to the body since the long cardigan is the wide piece in this look!

blog fashion evangelica looks cardiga

blog moda evangelica looks cardiga 2

Looks to go to church
Check out gorgeous looks to go to church!

blog moda evangelica looks ensemble

And take a look at this set , black and white floral skirt and pink blouse! This set is a great option for going to worship in the summer.

blog fashion evangelica look church

Women’s blouse details in orange ties with the female bell skirt modeling bell with mix of prints, leaves the look more romantic and basic, without losing the elegance and description.

blog fashion evangelica looks church

The black and white checkered dress and the other half with orange flowers is a charm! It’s a look for those who like to go tidier to the church, without losing their elegance.

Casual looks
Check out some casual looks that we separated for you!

blog moda evangelica casual looks

The jeans usually bring a more casual air to the look. Even though it can be used as a slightly more formal piece, the trend is always to be a wild piece for going out to the mall or for a coffee with friends.

blog fashion evangelica casual looks

All pieces can make a casual look, be it a skirt , a dress and even a shirt. It is possible to use them with sneakers, sandals, sneakers or heels not too high, in the case of casual.

The example above is a great suggestion for the casual. Pink striped dress, perfect for a walk in the park or shopping.

blog fashion evangelica casual long

Whoever said that long cannot be used casually is mistaken! Long dresses look great worn with sneakers or short sandals! The important thing is to feel good.

Fashion is for everyone
There are many shoes possibilities for these looks! Sneakers, sneakers, sandals or heels. You can choose according to your style!

We often have this doubt in mind, but we shouldn’t have more! Fashion is for everyone, what we should know is how the evangelical woman can take advantage of fashion. It is important to establish limits on the fashion that the world brings us, but it is not necessary to give up walking in style with the new feminine trends.

Take care of your principles! Keep them firm in mind and heart and understand how far fashion can be used in the evangelical environment and be yourself! Assemble your look according to the fashion, worrying only with the decency and discretion that we must follow.

And, as we always quote when we talk about clothes, emphasis on 1 Peter 3.3 and 4 in your bible and keep in mind that what is important for God is what is inside us.