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Where to buy Principessa shirt?

Principessa is a brand of Women’s Shirts known nationally for the quality and high standard of its pieces, a model that values ​​the woman’s body in a very elegant way, the pieces usually have triple buttons on the bust that do not show the breasts. It is ideal for the Christian woman who likes to dress well and with quality.

In addition, its products stand out in the market for having exclusive and khaadi differentiated details, worthy of an elegant and impeccable look, raising the self-confidence of every woman.

In Via Evangélica, you can purchase the most diverse models of the brand, with free shipping and up to 10x without interest.

The store has incredible news, ranging from elegant pieces to more relaxed and comfortable models.

Check out the various lines of the brand and see tips on how to use and rock the pieces:

1. White women’s dress shirts:

White dress shirts are essential in the wardrobe of the 21st century woman. They are timeless, versatile and can be used at any time. It is a wild piece and, therefore, looks beautiful combined with several pieces. A great way to enhance the look with little effort is to invest in accessories, bet on models with strong colors, prints and sparkles to give your shirt even more prominence. When wearing it with a skirt, the combinations are endless, from the most formal with pencil skirts, the most stripped down with denim skirts. If the idea is to use it in corporate environments, in more formal services, bet on midi skirts and complement with heels. It will be elegant!

If it is to put together a look more focused on a walk, a lunch, or Sunday school, invest in lighter fabrics and a more loose skirt, the long one is a very fashion option.

A complement that goes very well with a white shirt is the blazer! It finishes off the look making it more modern. To give more emphasis to the composition, bet on colorful or printed blazers. But if the idea is a more classic look, black or white are great options khaadi summer sale .

white feminine social shirt from principessa brand

white shirt female social principessa

2. Women’s dress shirts:

The women’s social shirt, due to its practicality and usefulness in everyday life, has become an essential item for women. It can appear in different fabrics, such as satin, cotton, viscose, crepe and Egyptian yarn. The variation of colors and prints is also great, there are striped or plain shirts. Anyway, the options are many and to make no mistake, just know how to combine it.

She is more associated with looks for work, business meetings and more formal environments. For these places, an infallible tip is to choose pants or a social skirt. Some variations can be made, the pantaloons and the midi skirt are more modern pieces that give the necessary formality to the look.

On the feet, opt for closed shoes with a medium heel, such as pumps or Peep Toe. Accessories should be discreet and makeup as basic as possible.

That way, you’ll be ready for a business meeting or a day at work, very elegant and classy.

principessa women’s social shirt

beautiful female social shirt from principessa brand

3. Comfy Line:

The Comfy Line is part of a fashion trend that invests in comfort combined with style. They are not clothes to stay at home, but pieces that contradict the idea that sophistication must go along with sacrifice. The simple becomes, above all, cozy.

Comfort and elegance walking side by side is all that a Christian woman needs to feel good in everyday life. The shape of the pieces is a little broader and values ​​well-being without losing the fashion reference.

Shirts with this footprint can be reinvented in different looks and used in any season. They are very easy to combine and guarantee very beautiful looks. On days with low temperatures, bet on boots, oxfords or more casual sneakers and can be used with both skirts and pants. On warmer days, just fold your shirt sleeves and bet on skirts with fresher and looser fabrics.

It is ideal for women who seek comfort in their routine, can be used in informal environments, such as shopping malls, afternoon coffee, church meetings in the evening or in the morning and even a trip.

4. Retro line:

Fashion lives in an eternal coming and going. The trends of the past are always coming back and creating new pieces with a modern footprint. The line of retro Principessa shirts are inspired by the 1950s and 1960s, and bring essential elements of fashion from these times.

The patterns, colors and collar patterns are the retro elements most present in the collection. Polka dots, stripes, pied poule and geometric plaid are super hot and look great on the shirts. The ruffles, ties, V-neck, lighter and loose fabrics were also not left out. It is the guarantee of elegance and versatility.

The best way to invest in looks with these models is to choose to mix current pieces with retro pieces, creating an unusual look and a contrast that gives that modern up. Combine the shirts with skintight skirts, with a modern footprint.

In accessories, invest in scarves, pearls, delicate bags and shoes in doll style. So the look is vintage without losing class and elegance!

feminine shirt social line retro principessa

retro social print women’s shirts1

5. Casual chic line:

The casual chic style is present in the life of the contemporary woman who does not give up combining comfort and elegance. It has a more youthful and modern look, with looks that can be used from work, worship or shopping, without problems, without losing style and without looking messy.

Ensures day-to-day practicality with wild pieces and very easy to combine. To guarantee the casual chic effect, just unite, in the same look, classic pieces and casual pieces. For example, a denim shirt with tailored pants, or finish off the shirt with a blazer. Just let your imagination run free to walk chic and casual wherever you go.

feminine shirt casual chic line principessa

6. Black women’s dress shirt:

The black dress shirt is a classic just like the white one. Many women love it because it offers a very wide range of looks to be assembled with the same piece, just change the combination or the complement.

The most interesting thing is that even though it is as classic as white, it usually appears in lighter fabrics, such as silk, crepe, satin and also with transparency.

She can escape from the more classic shirt models, which have buttons on the front and appear with a V-neck with shell detail. The versatility can also be in the sleeves and collar with different colors, great for a slightly more fun look.

The classic black shirt has one more advantage, because its color is neutral, you can dare in the pieces that accompany it, allowing the use of colors, prints and accessories.