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How to sew your dress?

We often attend the red-carpet ceremonies of films and charity events on TV and we are fascinated by the sumptuous evening dresses worn by the VIPs, wishing for an equally elegant and flashy one for ourselves.

Regardless of whether you have gotten an encouragement to go to the Oscar service, your closet merits its excellent long night dress to flaunt for a unique event.

If you love cutting and sewing and you love creating your own clothes why not create an original and unique evening dress yourself? Don’t spend astronomical amounts on buying clothes inspired by those of movie stars. With a little dexterity and the right motif you can create the perfect evening dress at home and with the help of your sewing machine, to wear for any occasion.

Is it worth making your own evening dress yourself?

When you are looking for an evening dress in the store, even the one that comes closest to perfection can present some small mole … whether it is the price too high, the size that is not quite the right one or the colors of the print that do not bring out the tone of your skin. Sometimes, simply, it can simply be the fabric that you don’t like and there is no way to have the perfect dress without having the perfect fabric.

When we think of evening dresses we are led to imagine elegant and ethereal fabrics, a fabric that only a princess would wear, and therefore it is no surprise that silk, satin, chiffon and organza are the favorite fabrics for the production of incredible evening dresses thanks to their natural beauty and delicate and elegant draping.

Beneath we will portray the 7 textures that we at Contra do consider generally appropriate to produce night dresses. The best textures for making formal dresses to help you on your main goal we have chosen the 7 best textures for making an honorary pathway dress. On the off chance that you are befuddled by the names of the various textures accessible, and you don’t know of the distinction among organza and chiffon, or Georgette and tulle, you will discover beneath all the data you need.

Remember to think carefully about the characteristics of the dress you want to create, to make sure that the fabric you select is the most suitable choice to adapt to your shapes or the model of your dress.

1. Velvet

marbled velvet fabric for making a dress

Marbled Velvet

Velvet is an incredibly suitable fabric for an elegant formal dress. The brilliance of the fabric, the depth of the play of light that are created, the drapery that enhances the shapes make this fabric perfect for the creation of a sexy and feminine dress. The qualities for which to prefer velvet are:

Its splendid shine

Soft and elegant drapery

The play of light on the surface

Softness and pleasantness to the touch

Strength and durability of the fabric

Velvet can be made with silk fibers or with synthetic fibers and, given its generally short and thick fur, it has historically always been the preferred fabric for formal or evening wear. Lately the fashion industry has renewed its interest in this fabric which is now increasingly present in stores and in our wardrobes for casual and informal clothes.

Our choice is Marbled Velvet

The marbled velvet is a more modern version of the classic velvet. This rich and extravagant texture has a one of a kind wool, with a grain of hair that creates every which way making a “marbled” impact that outcomes in exquisite chromatic varieties. If you are looking for a unique velvet that makes the difference, choose our Marbled Velvet for your evening dress.