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How to design a winning eCommerce:

In the design of an eCommerce or any other commercial activity, the most important steps to follow are substantially 5, creating a project analyzing it in detail and in its key aspects, will allow you to obtain excellent results, and above all it will avoid you making mistakes or waste money. There is no absolute guarantee that your dream will turn into a successful project, but following in a meticulous way what I will tell you, you will have a sure increase in the possibility of success and to prevent the failure of your e-commerce project . Here are the points covered in this section on how to design a winning ecommerce, If you want to move to a point quickly click on the links below, you will also find a button to return to this index:

Idea e-Commerce Project ,

Market research (demand) ,

Competitor analysis (offers) ,

Business model ,

Business Plan .

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1- E-commerce project idea

ideas are what can make your project successful, you have to think that the replication of an existing business model often, too often equates to an announced failure, people are increasingly greedy for news, and at the same time increasingly lazy , this is combined in two behaviors:

they want new things,

if something already exists they do not abandon the known solution.

If you have an innovative product or service it will be easier to emerge and make big profits, while if you market something that many others have you will have to differentiate yourself otherwise you will be one of many and you will end up with a downward price war (bankruptcy in the long run).

How do you find the winning idea?

Often the winning idea is closer than you can imagine, focus on what you know

Known market,

Products and / or services covered,

Hobbies or passion,


Work practiced.

Those who come from years of work in a certain sector will have to focus on what this sector offers, what people ask for and what is missing, but we will see this later. Many winning activities started from passions, or interests, for example, I started my first commercial activity following my passion for sport. so do not look too far, observe your environment and focus on your knowledge for now we will touch on the idea marginally, but if you want to deepen you have two possibilities the request for free advice, which you find at the bottom of this page or you can read this very interesting article: Finding the Winning Idea

ecommerce find winning idea

ecommerce find winning idea

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2- Market survey (question)

A product or service must first respond to a request, to an existing question, then carry out a market research and therefore on the demand is indispensable.

Look for a problem you want to solve, an objective question, for example a person who sees badly needs to find a means to help him, and this is the question, then there is the offer, the solution to the problem, which are the glasses

The question must be Objective and Defined and the people with this problem must be in a number that justifies an investment and the opening of an e-commerce.

in a very cynical way the pharmaceutical companies decide not to produce drugs if the number of patients does not justify the study and mass production of the product.

So go back to your idea, and analyze it on the objective problems of your potential customer, then try to understand if the problem is common in many people and if they are willing to spend money on the solution of this problem.

The problem does not necessarily mean that your potential customer will make an economic investment.

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3- Competitor analysis (offers)

“I have fought tough competition all my life. I don’t know how to go on without it. “

–  Walt Disney

The Competitor or Competitor Analysis is  used to understand if the product you want to sell, if the solution you offer, already has offers.

In the case of innovative products or services, this analysis is essential to understand if the market already has solutions or the problem still lacks a solution.

While in the case of selling products offered on the market  also by many others and not exclusively, the whole offer must be identified and how competitors move, the main aspects to know are:

Business model,

Price policy,

Warehouse size,

Delivery costs and accessories,

Site user experience,

Advertising and SEO positioning,


Strengths and weaknesses.

Customer feedback,

Brad Awareness (how well known and strong the brand is).

There are other aspects to take into account, but these are the main ones, too often when we evaluate the Projects of some customers , we find ourselves a graph or a table more or less done well with a comparison of prices on a few dozen products, in which they say they can make an even lower price than their customers. For them, that is synonymous with commercial success.

If we took Amazon as an example, we would find that most of the products they sell are not the lowest prices on the web, yet they sell a lot , why?

Because the price is not everything, many customers buy not only for the cheapest price, but for many other reasons such as:



Additional costs,

Return policy,

Knowledge of the site,

Convenience of navigation and purchase,

Past positive buying experiences.

Study the offer and your competitors,