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Performance, customer support, prices, and more!

Have you ever heard of the The email shop web host and wondered what it is really worth? This is more than good because we were able to test the service offered by this company for a long time. Following you will find our detailed review of The email shop, as well as a great deal of information and details regarding its performance, customer support, prices, and more!

Who is the The email shop host? What there is to know

Are you wondering who is behind this rather unusual host name? This is perfectly normal. And in order to offer you more visibility, we are going to present you some details and key figures concerning the The email shop host.

First of all, it should be noted that The email shop is part of the Register group which claims to be the European leader in the registration of domain names and hosting.

However, is this a guarantee of quality? Nothing is less certain and we will have the opportunity to confirm it (or not) in the rest of our The email shop opinion. In the meantime, the host has:

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over 1,900,000 domains registered

40,000 new registrations per month

650,000 hosted sites

750,000 active customers across Europe.

That’s a lot for sure! When we see the establishment of the Register group (see the screenshot below), we better understand how the company manages to obtain such figures.

After this quick presentation, we invite you to get to the heart of the subject of this review on The email shop with a presentation of its main strengths and weaknesses:

His strengths :

Free domain name and SSL certificate

Variety of offers

Free try

Its weaknesses:

Disappointing test site load time

Domain name prices too high

No datacenter in France

Very basic customer area

Performance: availability, loading and speed

The first aspect that we will pay attention to in our test and review devoted to The email shop is of course the performance offered.

Having a fast web host able to offer you above average performance is more than important! Without it, your visitors will flee and Google may not like your website.

In order to find out what The email shop is up to, we set up our test site (also used in our Hostinger review ) and started testing via the The email shop and Pingdom platforms.

If you are not familiar with these two sites, know that they allow you to assess the performance of your website in seconds. And above all, they will give you avenues for improvement.

Here is what came out of those tests:

The email shop The email shop performance test

Test carried out on The email shop with The email shop hosting © Presse-citron

Pingdom The email shop performance test

Test carried out on Pingdom with The email shop hosting © Presse-citron

The results are quite telling. We will nevertheless give you our interpretation.

During the realization of this review on the host The email shop, we noticed that the loading time of our website (and its pages) was more than disappointing . Which places it among the least efficient in 2020.

If you are looking for decent performance (and even if you are not), really go for another provider because you will be frustrated with going with The email shop. For example, we can advise you on Hostinger or PlanetHoster .

The email shop administration interface test

We will be perfectly honest with you in the context of this review, the administration interface offered by The email shop did not convince us at all.

To support our statements, we suggest you discover a screenshot of the customer area:

The email shop customer area

The email shop customer area © Presse-citron

It is very rough form stripping. It will surely suit some, but it is not our case! We find it far too basic and it is still difficult to navigate.

Where the host makes up for it is that it offers via its Linux hosting, the cPanel administration interface. This interface is for us the best at the moment and it is therefore good to find it here.

For those unfamiliar with cPanel, here’s a quick rundown of what it looks like at The email shop:

CPanel The email shop interface

CPanel interface of a Linux hosting © Presse-citron

Thanks to the Softaculous installation wizard, you will be able to install CMS like WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, or even Drupal in just a few clicks. There is plenty to do, and the process is extremely simple each time.

Security and protection

Do you want to know our opinion on The email shop and all the functionalities deployed to ensure your security but also that of your website?

Well we have to say that everything is in place for you to be protected. At least in terms of accommodation and visitors.

In order to protect visitors to your website, The email shop offers an SSL certificate with each of its accommodations. Regarding your hosting, the host ensures that all of its servers are protected by a constantly monitored and updated firewall. In addition, agents continuously monitor (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) the status of services.

An anti-DDoS protection system is also deployed to prevent your site from suffering this type of attack.

Regarding the protection of your customer space, our opinion on The email shop is more mixed.

Unlike many other web hosts, we did not find any double authentication system .

Worse than that, we found that it was possible to log in through Facebook or a Google account. To be perfectly honest with you, we don’t like that. This is why at this level, our feelings are clearly negative.

Our opinion on the customer support of the host The email shop

After talking to you about performance, security, and user interface in this The email shop review, we’re going to get to the topic of customer support.

And the least we can say is that we did not come out very convinced from our various exchanges. Whether it was before we realized our review (when we were peeling the reviews online), or during our testing, The email shop’s customer support didn’t make a good impression on us.

While it is possible to be reminded by sales, to call customer service (Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.), or to get support by message, we found the response time disappointing. .

In addition, the quality of the answers provided was clearly not there.