website cost, when the expense can become an investment

But what costs a site web ? This legitimate question does not have a simple answer, wanting to make a comparison is like asking how much a car costs without specifying if you want an economy car or an SUV …

It is my intention to try to give an understandable answer to this question, however you must spend 5 minutes of your time and read this article in full. Only after having clarified what are the fundamentals of the creation of a website it is possible to summarize in a few lines how much a website must cost .

First we define what are the pillars necessary to make a good website, we can summarize them in three simplified groups: Hosting Service , Graphics , Development . Let’s see them in more detail …

The hosting service or simply hosting , is a space on a server (a PC connected to the internet, to simplify a lot …) where you can upload and then view your website. Together with the hosting you buy the domain which is the address of your website (www.miosito.it). A good hosting service starts from 80 up to 250 euros per year, it is important that it is reliable and safe because this will affect your search engine positioning and your peace of mind. Furthermore, a good hosting will always guarantee a good speed of consultation of the pages of your site, fundamental in order not to make visitors “run away”. Everyone will have visited a website and abandon it because they get tired of waiting for the pages to update. or because it is too slow to navigate the pages.


We leave aside everything that is subjective (I like it, I don’t like it ….) and we only analyze the technical aspect, in my opinion the most important. The graphics must display the contents in a simple way, must offer intuitive routes, must be light (fast in viewing the pages) and above all must be mobile friendly , that is compatible with smartphones and tablets. We can consider this last point as fundamental, to date a website must be perfect on smartphones . The cost of professional graphics is around 500 euros, much less (30 euros) if you use a pre-packaged templates, with all the limits of the case. We specifically create the graphics and structure of the website specifically for the customer.


In the development section we find the most important items and those, alas, less evident to the end customer. At first we find the customization of the graphics to make it unique and suitable for the customer’s needs, the content management and the configuration of all those tricks that increase the security of the website (many say it but don’t do it, others don’t know it at all do…. ). Of fundamental importance the SEO configuration to obtain a good positioning on search engines, the effects of a good or a bad SEO are seen only after months… This is perhaps the most complex part and only with a lot of experience and study can you get good results. Estimating the cost of development is complex and depends a lot on the size of the website. The fact remains that the client is difficult a priori to understand if the website is well developed, trust is needed and it is essential to turn to professionals.


We understand that for a good hosting you need at least 80 euros, 500 euros for professional graphics, for a total of 580 euros. It remains to evaluate the development, understanding if and how it is done is not simple, and there is no shortage of the web … If done in a workmanlike manner for a 5-page site we can estimate about 100 euros per page, then 500 euros + 580 euros for hosting and graphics, for a total of 1080 euros. This, in my opinion, is the minimum figure for a good website.

I think very little, in terms of quality, offers of 200/300 euros for a website.