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tendencies You could even locate this explosion of colour in our group.

What are you in?

Floral insanity… Our providers are known to be rigorous. When an item does not meet our quality criteria, we do not sell it! That is the only thing to do. ‘to provide our customers a Great price-performance ratio”
Or opt for the classic red, always tasteful. The reddish deep perfectly unites black.
Have you got other coworkers at the buying department?
A flowery print instantly gives a favorable note. Moreover, the midi dress is completely inspired by the most recent trends!
Victoria:”I instantly think about the white jeans in the NINA collection. Can I state boho is the thing to do?
Ine:”I’m accountable for long-term and budgets buying from the Far East. I examine the earnings of the past year and I see our providers, frequently with our CSR director (cf. Bel & Bo is a part of Fair Wear Foundation ).” Decide on a maxi dress with comfy thongs or broad pants (paperbag) using a cropped shirt or a wonderful sweater in a attractive colour.”
Fall for our newest communion  frock design collection
Antique reddish
SS20 tendencies
Ine:”I am somewhat further… I am working on chilly 2020. Time flies once you operate in vogue.

Victoria:”My present focus is on the present summer and drop 2020 collection.”

SS20 tendencies Blue is thicker than black, but does not sacrifice severity. Blue radiates authority, loyalty and confidence.” Short term purchases. These items are delivered fast so that we can respond immediately into the latest trends.” Elect for a glistening handbag, an elegant necklace or even a frivolous necklace. Hair accessories will finish the look: Would you want a headband or instead hairpins? Our advice? Avoid mixing accessories at precisely the exact same outfit. Cool prints and overprints add punch to a small party creature’s outfit. The suspenders or a cool bow provides a vibrant touch to your ensemble to create.
SS20 tendencies

December is coming, our favourite month to celebration.

Our new celebration collection combines luxurious finishes and fabrics. Our stylists have selected bits that are both fashionable and timeless. They’ve taken good care to select pieces which are simple to wear and fit, using a glamorous or casual outcome.
100% party-proof
A must-have within our celebration collection is that this glamorous pencil ideas gul ahmed skirt which embodies femininity itself. Its lavish appearance makes it the perfect piece for merry times. To get a true festive look, decide on a high merry trimmed with lace.
Tell us a little about your job at Bel & Bo?
SS20 tendencies
What is your final style idea for Spring / Summer 2020?
Victoria:”We’re just five buyers and as many coworkers who take good care of the government of their orders.”
SS20 tendencies
Which slice in the present collection is the preferred this year?

Which are the colours of the year?

Shine for your holidays and be inspired by the most recent trends. Fan of our brand new collection? Utilize the hashtag #belnbofashion and perhaps your photograph will show up on our Instagram accounts too!
Can you count the days before the communion or even the royal feast of your son or daughter? We’ve already begun the preparations. The location? It is OK! The invitations? It is OK! The celebration will be memorable, however have you found the best party outfit? We’re delighted to show our Celebration Collection for you .
The women’ collection is identical to elegance and fun, with a predominance of colors of blue and pale colours. The cuts are easy: t-shirts or sweaters adorned with pearls and sequins can readily be put together with pretty jeans or cool trousers. Your miniature will glow during and after the celebration!

Daily is a fashion show and your entire world is a catwalk

New season, new tendencies… We talked with Ine, mind of our buying division, also Victoria, among her buying coworkers. They reside in the center of style and are always the first to be aware of the latest trends and colours. And they happily lent themselves into the game;–RRB-. Anticipate a intriguing new fashion season.
Ine:”The stylists place the colours of the year. They draw the colour mapprepare inspiration tables and draw every technical sheet . Each stylist makes sure his collection is appropriate to the colours. The sketches and purchases have been made on the basis of their funding.”
Within this gloomy jumpsuit, you’ll be the star of the day. If the cut is straightforward in appearance, the first neckline in the back along with the lace provide a lavish touch to the entire.
SS20 tendencies

What happens in the dawn of a new year?

Small party animals
Ine:”We’re seeing a great deal of focus on sustainable substances Our providers working together with cotton. GOTS, the lyocell… durable substances that demand is continually increasing, we’re also expanding our assortment. SO GOOD SO you personally, a Fantastic development.”