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Parisian chiffon to make an evening dress

There are numerous versions of Chiffon, all equally elegant and refined. Chiffon can be made using synthetic fibers, rayon or even natural fibers such as silk or cotton. The end result of the processing is a fine and light fabric, with a delicate and fluttering drape, which makes it perfect for long evening dresses. Other unique features of Chiffon are:

  • Light and taut cloth armor
  • Made with twist yarns, crepe effect
  • Soft and flexible
  • Elegant drapery
  • Fine and transparent

Silk Chiffon is a very popular option for elegant evening dresses thanks to the unique hand of the fabric and due to the processing with Crêpe-like twisted filaments on both weft and warp. Chiffon is generally semitransparent and thin and therefore the processing of this fabric requires a certain skill and manual skill but the final result is worth the effort. Chiffon is a truly feminine and perfect fabric to make you stand out at your next elegant evening.

Our choice is Parisian Chiffon

The Chiffon Parisian is a soft and silky, fine and light fabric. Given its light nature it is highly breathable and fluttering, which makes it particularly suitable for elegant summer clothes. Our chiffon is slightly less transparent than other fabrics and has an elegant and flattering drape. Create a dress with a fluttering skirt to enhance the beauty and sophistication of this fabric.

Georgette silk

When we talk about Georgette we generally refer to the natural silk Georgette even if lately there are some beautiful versions of Georgette silk made with polyester fibers. It is a unique fabric, whose name derives from the creator of the weave used for weaving. The characteristics for which you should choose the Georgette are:

  • Slightly rippled texture
  • Dry and slightly rough hand
  • Dynamic and flowing drapery
  • High twist of the filaments used
  • Dense mesh armor
  • Keeps shapes well, strong

Like the previous ones, Georgette is also one of the most obvious choices when it comes to evening dresses. The fabric, although light, is very strong and makes it suitable for further processing such as embroidering and adding some applique such as pearls or sequins. Its slightly elastic nature makes it suitable for the creation of long and fluttering women’s dresses.

Here in Contrado you can choose between the two options: natural Georgette silk or synthetic Georgette silk . The latter version combines the beauty and transparency of Georgette silk with the durability and resistance of the synthetic filaments for a soft, dry, strong result with perfect color reproduction. Natural Georgette silk is airy, delicate and elegant thanks to the very fine filaments used for its realization and the natural shine of the silk.


This fabric, generally made with plain weave and in some particular cases in satin, given its particular texture, is often used for the production of formal clothes. The use of filaments with a high degree of torsion generates a particularly rough and rough surface which, together with other characteristics, makes it one of the favorite fabrics of tailors and designers:

  • Rippled / wrinkled surface
  • Relief texture
  • light
  • Matte
  • Elastic in 2 directions
  • Elegant drapery

Crêpe fabric is renowned for its wrinkled, almost knurled surface. This effect gives the fabric a strong character which combined with the soft hand and the elegant drape makes the Crêpe fabric one of the most loved in the fashion world. Crêpe is also very easy to work with and is therefore perfect for starting to create your first line of evening dresses.

Our choice is the Crêpe Fashion Fabric

Thanks to its delicate draping and the appreciable structure on the back and the back, our Crepe Fabric will give your dress a breathtaking appearance. Unlike the usual Crêpe fabrics, our Crêpe Fashion has a soft and silky hand and is moderately elastic and therefore adapts well to any body. It keeps the shapes very well and is comfortable to wear. Perfect for creating evening dresses for ceremonies.