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What are the Hosting Types?

What are the Hosting Types?

One of the most complicated questions for people who are going to buy a new hosting is what type of hosting to buy. Actually, the answer to this question is quite simple. There are two types of hosting according to the software technology used while preparing the website:

Linux Hosting

Linux hosting means that the operating system is installed on the server where the service is provided. Linux web hosting is a high performance, stable and reliable hosting service. This hosting type should be used for sites developed with the PHP software language. It works smoothly on software such as Javascript and Java on Linux hosting .

Since the content management system ( CMS ) such as WordPress , Joomla and Drupal is written in PHP on sites, Linux Hosting should be preferred by those who use these software.

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Windows Hosting

Windows hosting also has windows operating system on the servers where the service is provided. This hosting type should be preferred for sites developed with ASP , ASP.Net programming language. It is possible to run PHP sites on Windows hosting, but this is not recommended. Because many problems are very likely to occur. Softwares such as Javascript and Java run smoothly on windows hosting.

If you have used MS Access or MsSQL as a database, windows hosting is the recommended choice.

When purchasing hosting services, it is necessary to choose the hosting that best suits your needs. Because if this service is taken more than necessary, it can be quite costly.

The factor we need to know when choosing the most suitable hosting package is what the hosting types are. Let’s get to know the features of hosting packages.

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Shared Hosting

Shared hostingAs the name suggests, it means providing multiple hosting services on a server. In these types of hosting services, multiple sites are hosted on a single server. The number of sites (hosting services) to be hosted is determined by the bandwidth and physical power of the server. Of course, this is not an element to consider when choosing hosting. Just a point I made for your information. The companies from which you will purchase hosting services have the necessary features on the servers they use for this job. They sell individual hosting services through a server. This type of hosting is preferred for low budget websites because shared hosting packages have certain limits and these limits are for large websites, social networks etc. it will not be enough for projects.Shared hosting service can be preferred for projects such as corporate websites and personal blog sites . This type of hosting is already the most purchased hosting service today.

# Shared hosting service does not require server management knowledge.

# Low cost.

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Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is also a service offered from shared hosting servers. With the reseller hosting you buy over shared hosting, you have the opportunity to run multiple sites within a specified limit. This hosting package is also defined as reseller hosting . When you purchase a reseller hosting package, it is possible to sell hosting from within your own domain. Let’s say you bought a hosting where you can host 5 sites and you have made 2 sites. You can sell your remaining 3 sites to someone else. Generally web design people who run the business as a profession for which they gave their support multiple sites and hosting resellerthey prefer service. Reseller hosting is a bit more costly than hosting packages running a single site, as it allows you to run multiple sites.

# Reseller hosting service does not require server management knowledge.

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VPS Hosting

With the VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) service, you can use the server shared with multiple users, but your web hosting provider prepares a separate part for you on the server. In other words, you still have a shared hosting service, but you have a certain amount of processor power and memory on the server. This service is preferred to provide solutions to slightly more extensive projects, but a special service will be a bit more costly than other hosting services, as you appreciate.

VPS Hosting Pros

# It will be more economical to only buy space than a dedicated server. Of course, it can be preferred when it meets these needs.

# Possibility of root access to the server.

# Easy scalability is possible.

# High customization options are available.

VPS Hosting Cons

# VPS hosting service requires server management knowledge .

# It is a bit more costly than shared hosting.