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The email shop has announced a complete renewal of its PRIMERGY

The email shop has announced a complete renewal of its PRIMERGY dual-socket server range, offering new levels of performance combined with energy savings never seen before .

The new range of servers provides approximately 20% more performance than the previous generation, thanks to the addition of Intel®Xeon® E5-2600 v4 processors and DDR4 memory technology.

The multinational company shows a new rack server model, the PRIMERGY RX2510 M2 created for service providers and hosting.

It incorporates the advanced features of Fujitsu Cool-safe® Advance Thermal Design and Trusted Platform Module 2.0, which saves significant cooling costs and dramatically increases security.

The technological challenges are enormous for all types of sectors. Therefore, Fujitsu believes that there is no generic answer to the needs of data center infrastructures, which is why the concept of Business Centered Technology has been developed. In this way, Fujitsu’s broad and unique portfolio is designed to ensure that customers are able to choose the most suitable server option for their business needs. Thus, the new PRIMERGY line includes the classic tower format, racks, blades and thin nodes for clusters and dedicated rack models for service and accommodation providers. In this way, a flexible enough option is provided to satisfy the needs of large and small companies, in any of the markets where they develop their activity.

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This new PRIMERGY family has been significantly improved thanks to the Intel®Xeon® E5-2600 v4 processors, with DDR4 memory and up to 2,400 Mhz frequency. They are a new generation of dual-socket servers, which manage to stay ahead, offering 20% ​​more performance compared to the previous generation. And they are backed by the four world records they have achieved. In addition, it is important to point out that in terms of reducing energy costs, thanks to their advanced Cool-safe® Advance Thermal Design system, they can work between 40 to 45ºC in most of their rack, tower and scale systems. out systems, to which must be added the optional Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0, which protects the entire infrastructure against an attack,


PRIMERGY RX2510 M2, RX2530 M2, RX2540 M2 and RX2560 M2 are optimized and versatile rack systems that provide best-in-class performance and energy efficiency. It is the perfect choice to manage vital services for daily activity, such as ERP systems in production facilities or for major business applications. The RX2510 M2 is perfect for meeting the needs of service providers and hosters.

The PRIMERGY TX2560 M2 in a robust and cost-effective tower format has been designed for use in the office. It is easy to use and does not require technically trained personnel. Thanks to their low power consumption and dual socket systems, they are very quiet and become the first choice for demanding office or branch environments. They are equipped with the new Trusted Platform Module 2.0 as standard and ensure that the system and sensitive data are safe from harm.

PRIMERGY BX2560 M2 and BX2580 M2 . Perfect blade systems for building converged IT infrastructures. They are based on a modular architecture and excel in terms of density and scalability, helping companies to simplify their infrastructure, achieve significant cost reduction and increase flexibility.

PRIMERGY CX2550 M2 and CX2570 M2 . They are horizontally scalable servers that have been specifically designed for cloud computing scenarios, high performance computing, complex calculations and for places with important workloads such as scientific environments, universities and research institutions.

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