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Business Model

“Sun business model describes the logic under which an organization creates, distributes and captures value.” –  Alexander Osterwalder

The Business Model is a document which defines all the fundamental aspects for a project. I, like many other entrepreneurs, refer to the Business Model Canvas, we will give you a brief inspiration of what it is and how it works, but if you wanted to deepen and draw up one for your company we ask you to contact us  The Business Model according to the Canvas is divided into 9 segments:

Customer segments,

Value Offered,


Relations with Customers,

Revenue Streams,

Key Resources,

Key Activities,

Key Partnership,

Cost structure.

1- Customer Segments – Who will be the customers? it is possible to have one or more customer segments, for a newsagent the segments are children but also adults, the segments or targets can be identified by age, gender, geographical areas, interests, etc. 2- Value Offered – what is the problem that your product or service solves ? the value offered is the solution to an existing need, it is the motivation for which the identified customer segments (target) should prefer the company over the competition and, therefore, determine the same sales force. 3- Channels – what will or will be the distribution channels of your product service? specifically are the channels that the company uses to inform its potential customers of the service offered. For an eCommerce the channels will be the site, the blog, the forum etc, the company uses the channels to inform potential buyers of the existence of its products and the value offered. The channels can be direct, i.e. owned by the company, or indirect, for example, official distributors and partner stores, such as a marketplace: amazon or ebay or eprice etc. 4- Customer Relationships – How will you communicate with your customers and prospects?Customer relationships are established and maintained with each customer segment, they define the type of relationships that the company establishes with its customers. This communication form helps the company to acquire new customers and retain existing ones, and is therefore an essential part of a business plan that works. 5- Revenue Flows –   what are the revenue flows that derive from the value successfully offered to customers?  The variables to consider are: the prices that can be fixed or dynamic and the methods of payment by calculating the transaction costs. 6- Key Resources – what goods are needed to offer and distribute the goods and services described above?  are all the key resources that the company needs to make its business model work. the strategic assets are made up of human (workforce), physical (points of sale, plant, machinery), intellectual (software, user licenses, copyright) and financial (loans, credit lines, cash) resources. The most useful and effective resources must be identified in order to implement and distribute the above. 7- Key Activities – What activities are needed to manage and use key resources?  groups all the activities necessary for the realization of a value proposition. 8- Key Partnership – What are the activities outsourced?  is the network of suppliers and partners with which the company collaborates to create distribute manage the value it wants to offer its customers. 9- Cost Structure – What are the costs and revenues? income statement with variable fixed costs, therefore for example: personnel, rent, goods purchases, energy users, advertising, etc. Find out more by reading the article: E-commerce Business Model: what it is and how it is made

Business Model what it is, how to create it

Business Model what it is, how to create it

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5- Business Plan

“If you can find a path without obstacles, it probably won’t get you anywhere.” –  Frank A. Clark

The Business Plan is a part of the Business Model , it is the part that Italian banks and financiers really like, who are not very interested in the business model and its structure, but are interested in the accounts, even if they don’t stand up. The business plan can be done in various ways, most of the medium-small companies create an income statement with a small explanation of the interactions of the departments. I use a fairly typical model in which the business plan is divided into 4 sessions:


Executive Summary, summary of the Business,

Marketing Plan,

Financial plan.

1- Mission:  Short statement of what you want to do and how you intend to do it answers the questions: Who we are, what we do, how we do it, why we are better than others. 2- Executive Summary, summary of the Business : What will be the monetization aspects, and the reference market, is a Canvas business model expressed in different ways, especially less simple. 3- Marketing Plan : how to advertise and what the sales strategies will be, market analysis is always part of this section. 4- Financial plan: the real income statement. Normally it is projected over three years, with an explosion of income and expenses, of course it is a hypothesis.Of course, if you want to draw up your business plan, do not hesitate to contact us or request a free consultation with the form below