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Testing the The email shopadministration interface

After combing through The email shop’s performance, we paid special attention to the client / administration interface offered by the host.

And the least we can say is that the whole is very satisfactory. To prove it to you, here are two screenshots taken from the administration interface of our WordPress hosting:

The email shopadministration interface

Administration interface © The email shop

Unsurprisingly, and as mentioned above in our The email shopreview, absolutely everything is in English. Despite everything, we found it easy to manage your website, hosting, domain name, etc.

You will also be able to initiate a conversation with customer support via a live chat system.

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Managing The email shopsites

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You will even have the option to access your WordPress admin panel via a button. All in just one click!

What we find just a little regrettable is the fact that through its administration panel, The email shoptries to encourage the purchase of paid options. This also applies to themes, plugins, or additional services.

However, our overall opinion on the The email shopadministration interface remains very good. The whole is extremely accessible despite the fact that absolutely everything is in English.

Security and protection

After getting to talk to you about performance and user interface, we’re going to tackle an equally important topic: security.

What does The email shopput in place to ensure your security but also that of the users of your website?

First of all you are going to be entitled to an SSL certificate offered with all the offers , even the cheapest hosting offer . As a reminder, this will allow you to ensure the safety of your visitors throughout their visit to your site.

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It is absolutely essential in 2020 to secure your site with an SSL certificate. Without it, visitors will flee your platform. Because yes, all browsers now inform of the danger incurred by entering an unprotected site.

Otherwise, DDoS protection is obviously in place on all of the host’s servers. However, we have not seen any trace of a double authentication system to secure your customer area. Which is a pity…

Our opinion on the customer support of the host The email shop

We’re going to be perfectly honest with you: even if The email shop’s customer support had been super-responsive, it wouldn’t have been possible for us to have a positive review of it.

Why ? Well for the simple reason that it is impossible to converse in French and to find translated technical resources . However, you may not mind that. If so, then yes, you can consider our review of The email shopcustomer support to be quite positive.

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Rather positive and not overwhelmingly positive as we did not find him to be very responsive. Despite having a live chat feature, you will sometimes have to wait several minutes for a response.

f you want to speed up the process by speaking with an agent face to face, that will be perfectly possible. An international line exists so that you can contact The email shopcustomer support by phone. And that, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The email shopcustomer support

Keep in mind once again that your discussions must necessarily be in English. Unfortunately, no agent speaks French.