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Website positioning for online visibility
The positioning websites and ‘become necessary if a company or a freelancer want to publicize their products or services. It is possible to reach a website positioning for free . In this section you will find useful tips to achieve a good Google Seo positioning . The free Google positioning is not ‘never entirely free. All the techniques you find in this section, even if tested over the years, require a lot of effort

COVID-19 and variations on Google searches, from SEOZoom the first algorithm to measure the impact
May 11, 2020 by Andrea Barbieri
covid-19 variations google seozoom searches
COVID-19 and variations of Google searches, from SEOZoom the first algorithm to measure the impact
The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed our lives but has also varied searches on Google. The suite SEOZoom and ‘was the first to devise an algorithm that misurasse these changes on Google searches for effects of the coronavirus . Which without a shadow of a doubt has also had dramatic effects on requests made to the search engine.

This new option aims to improve understanding of the digital search trend for all companies working in the digital field such as:

professional consultants,
those who deal with blogs,
Before moving on, I suggest you to watch the video tutorial to discover the advantages and how to use this new platform functionality.

In fact, normal research has been overwhelmed by the coronavirus. Because people have changed their behavior by adapting to the new reality around them. A composed reality:

from social distancing,
from work from home (smart working),
anxiety and depression,
no longer have the opportunity to live as before,
take distance lessons.
These changes are also reflected in the searches we do online every day. And Google more than others understood these changes, even before the traditional media. We can say without doubt that Google is the most used means of communication by millions of Italians to search for an answer; certainly the part of the giant is the research done by mobile devices.

For companies that have a website and a Corporate Blog
Corporate Blog A Corporate Blog is a corporate blog. In …
and in any case they work in the digital marketing sector they are interested in getting information on the variation of behavior and habits on Google . And all of this is a fundamental pillar for continuing to be competitive. And to intercept the new needs that have developed and people ‘s research intentions .

All the tools we know give only a photograph based on statistical averages in relation to the normal periods prior to coronavirus. And for this reason they are no longer reliable . Precisely because of the pandemic and sudden event, they completely invalidated their way of achieving the statistical result.

This is because the calculation of the traditional average based on previous 12 months no longer has a constant continuity. But it must act in a completely different scenario. And the search volumes of keywords given by even well-known tools are no longer reliable and precise. SEOZoom by voice of Ivano Di Biasi (founder of SEOZoom) and Giuseppe Liguori CEO of SEOZoom have come to a finding that photographs the current scenario of search engine searches:

” We realized that COVID-19 is changing the Search world, that it is changing users’ search intents and we have created an algorithm to understand the market fluctuations linked to the extraordinary event COVID-19 “

In past years, the variation in user search flows on Google showed a regular trend. Most often regulated by seasonal rhythms. The impact of COVID-19 has drastically distorted the research flow scenario. And it was necessary to intervene to give more answers to all those who work online. Still continue De Biasi and Liguori:

” We care about data accuracy and we wanted to offer an innovative and useful function to our users, who can thus have clear information and understand what is happening to searches today, practically in real time “

The new coronavirus algorithm , an absolute novelty in the global SEO panorama, is capable of projecting the interest of users in the previous 12 months, reflecting it on the current scenario. Using search trends , and it has already been entered and in operation for all subscribers to the platform.

To understand all this it is necessary to take keywords that reflect the old and new search flows such as:

do you travel,
homemade bread,


website cost, when the expense can become an investment

But what costs a site web ? This legitimate question does not have a simple answer, wanting to make a comparison is like asking how much a car costs without specifying if you want an economy car or an SUV …

It is my intention to try to give an understandable answer to this question, however you must spend 5 minutes of your time and read this article in full. Only after having clarified what are the fundamentals of the creation of a website it is possible to summarize in a few lines how much a website must cost .

First we define what are the pillars necessary to make a good website, we can summarize them in three simplified groups: Hosting Service , Graphics , Development . Let’s see them in more detail …

The hosting service or simply hosting , is a space on a server (a PC connected to the internet, to simplify a lot …) where you can upload and then view your website. Together with the hosting you buy the domain which is the address of your website ( A good hosting service starts from 80 up to 250 euros per year, it is important that it is reliable and safe because this will affect your search engine positioning and your peace of mind. Furthermore, a good hosting will always guarantee a good speed of consultation of the pages of your site, fundamental in order not to make visitors “run away”. Everyone will have visited a website and abandon it because they get tired of waiting for the pages to update. or because it is too slow to navigate the pages.


We leave aside everything that is subjective (I like it, I don’t like it ….) and we only analyze the technical aspect, in my opinion the most important. The graphics must display the contents in a simple way, must offer intuitive routes, must be light (fast in viewing the pages) and above all must be mobile friendly , that is compatible with smartphones and tablets. We can consider this last point as fundamental, to date a website must be perfect on smartphones . The cost of professional graphics is around 500 euros, much less (30 euros) if you use a pre-packaged templates, with all the limits of the case. We specifically create the graphics and structure of the website specifically for the customer.


In the development section we find the most important items and those, alas, less evident to the end customer. At first we find the customization of the graphics to make it unique and suitable for the customer’s needs, the content management and the configuration of all those tricks that increase the security of the website (many say it but don’t do it, others don’t know it at all do…. ). Of fundamental importance the SEO configuration to obtain a good positioning on search engines, the effects of a good or a bad SEO are seen only after months… This is perhaps the most complex part and only with a lot of experience and study can you get good results. Estimating the cost of development is complex and depends a lot on the size of the website. The fact remains that the client is difficult a priori to understand if the website is well developed, trust is needed and it is essential to turn to professionals.


We understand that for a good hosting you need at least 80 euros, 500 euros for professional graphics, for a total of 580 euros. It remains to evaluate the development, understanding if and how it is done is not simple, and there is no shortage of the web … If done in a workmanlike manner for a 5-page site we can estimate about 100 euros per page, then 500 euros + 580 euros for hosting and graphics, for a total of 1080 euros. This, in my opinion, is the minimum figure for a good website.

I think very little, in terms of quality, offers of 200/300 euros for a website.

What is affiliate marketing and how it works

Affiliate marketing is a commercial agreement between the affiliate and the advertiser that provides for the payment in percentage of each sale coming from the affiliate platform, the affiliate website creates the contents and promotes the advertiser’s products through techniques of web marketing (Seo, Advertising campaigns, Social networks).

Through an affiliate program (later we will see the most important ones) each affiliate has a unique code (a link) in order to track all sales directly.

Many people start working with affiliations, with the perception of quick and easy earnings, but this is not the reality, to earn good money you have to work hard, generate quality traffic, spend money on advertising and work on multiple markets, in this job passion is not enough, there is a need for technique, skills on SEO, web marketing, studying targets and competitors.

In summary, the protagonists of affiliate marketing are:

The affiliate: the webmaster, who publishes banners and content on his site with the aim of recommending third party products or services, will be paid with a commission as a percentage of sales.

The merchant: the advertiser company that has its products promoted by affiliates in exchange for a sales commission.

The affiliate network: the portal that unites these two figures, deals with all the technical and economic aspects, enforces the rules.

The techniques to use

The techniques used by the affiliate are different and multiple, but identical to all those that are used in web marketing, the only difference is that instead of promoting his products, he promotes those of the merchants.

Different types of conversion pages can be used, such as the squeezy page (optin page), simple pages with the purpose of collecting visitors’ emails, offering in exchange free resources such as: videos, guides, courses, discount codes.

The Landing Pages are real sales pages, which have a well-structured layout, written and multimedia contents that accompany the customer to the purchase.

Finally there are the Advertorial pages, sales pages disguised as review pages, they are widely used in the sale of products because they provide a lot of information to the user, opinions of other customers, moreover they are better indexed on search engines because they are complete.

Traffic sources for your affiliate portal

There are several sources of traffic that affiliates use to increase sales, the most important are organic search, paid search and traffic from Social Networks.

How to get started

The first step is to buy a domain and create your own website, if we do not have the necessary skills, we rely on a professional.

Create your social pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, you can in the future insert your affiliate link also here.

In addition to having to know the SEO optimization techniques for search engines, and to structure advertising campaigns, you will have to learn about the products you want to sell, this point is essential to push customers to click on the affiliate link.

Use Google Analitycs to understand and optimize sales processes, user behavior, the pages that convert the most and those to be reviewed.

Choose an affiliate platform, test different channels, both networks and merchants, based on your traffic and your target you could understand which is better for your website.

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

The affiliation I have already explained in this article but I want to be even clearer and more exhaustive in this second article.

After all, the blog deals with affiliations, affiliate marketing, “affiliation”, call them a bit as you like, but the concept always remains that of trying to “sell” third party products.

You understood correctly I wrote deliberately “sell” and be wary of those who tell you otherwise because basically it is a sale / non sale after I explain better.

You probably came to this blog after your close friend said to you: “Hey you know that with affiliations you can earn a lot of money without doing anything.”

Here, I advise you to find another friend, joke, coming back to us you will have asked yourself: “hell if it’s so easy I can also earn in this way and so not happy with the summary explanations of yours, now ex-friend, you searched on google affiliate marketing and you found my blog.

List Building Program

Don’t worry I’ll explain it to you.

In a few words it is an agreement where the affiliate (your future job) undertakes to promote / recommend the product / service offered by the merchant (or Advertiser, in short, the one who owns the object or service in question)

I consider it the evolution of representative work.

Once upon a time a strange and euphoric guy rang you at the door with a Goblin in hand ready to clean your house and now the goblin sells it directly to you online without making kilometers, without many breaks and maybe just making a video review or writing an article on the blog .

There are 3 parts in play:

1 The advertiser / Merchant or who has the product / service to sell

2 The publisher or affiliate who takes care to sell / recommend the product

3 The end user or consumer

The beauty of being an affiliate is that you earn without having the problem of creating a product, taking care of logistics or even worse of customer care.

Search and buy domains from Namecheap

In practice the affiliate’s only problem is to promote affiliate links .

I already feel that you are no longer in the skin, you want to know everything and immediately … quiet we get there.

You may be wondering where to start earning with Affiliate Marketing and the answer has 2 possibilities:

1 ask for access to an affiliate network

2 directly join an affiliate program

affiliation: logos of the main affiliate network platforms

Affiliate network

Affiliate Networks or Affiliate Programs: What’s the Difference?

The affiliate network is basically a Marketplace where you can find many offers and campaigns divided by types that will be promoted by the affiliates who in turn (you will already be rubbing your hands ….) will receive commissions based on the sales made.

While joining the Affiliate Program means dealing directly with the Advertiser without going through the network

Affiliate network

As we said, they are a sort of Marketplace where Advertisers (or also called Merchants) are inside

The task of the affiliate network is to manage the various transactions between the parties as well as checking that the affiliates correctly promote the campaigns.

The advantage of working with an affiliate network is that the campaigns are all in one place and you can choose which one to join.

It is a win to win relationship because advertisers rely on the network to have a sales network available, the network earns by keeping a percentage by managing the affiliates and the affiliates who will basically take care of promoting the products in question, they will also have a percentage on every sale.

Straw bags for the sea

2020 requires straw bags for the sea to be large and capacious, without sacrificing particular detail . The over versions are designed to contain everything you need to spend a sunny day on the beach, in the swimming pool or at the lake: from the towel to the set of sun creams (never to be forgotten!), To the inevitable summer reading and sunglasses .

Aoopoo beach straw bag

The straw bag for summer 2020

The Aoopoo straw bag is the choice to bet on if you are looking for a straw bag that will accompany you during the summer. Made of natural straw, its large capacity will allow you to always have everything you need at your fingertips.

€ 32 on Amazon


Made of natural straw

In the inner lining there is also a pocket, and on the surface it closes with a practical zip

Very capacious

Equipped with both short and long handles, ideal for carrying on the shoulder


This bag is handmade: although very resistant, pay attention to what you put inside. Excessive weight can cause premature wear or breakage of both the shoulder strap and the handles.

Exclusively for ASOS, the South Beach brand offers an orange bag in maxi volume with fun fringes on the three side edges : the upper part is open and will allow you to always have everything at hand. In addition, the two side handles are wide enough to allow you to carry it on your shoulder.

ASOS Design, in its new collection of straw bags, also offers the most classic and beloved shopper , in its natural color and in the capacious rectangular format.

To show off (also) in the city

Thanks to the countless looks published by fashion bloggers and influencers, the straw bag, for some years now, can also be shown in the city. Matching it to everyday looks is very simple: you can combine this summer accessory alongside minimal looks, such as the leisure one, or a more elegant outfit like office outfits, where this accessory will dampen their serious tone.

Straw bags to show off even in the city. Source: asos

As for straw city bags, 2020 imposes color : pastel shades are perfect, but there is also room for the most decisive and original nuances.

South Beach creates, exclusively for ASOS, the transparent shopper with round and short bamboo handles: the checked motif, in a shade of green tending to sage, will accompany you all your days. Moreover, thanks to the upper opening you will always have everything at hand.

The & Other Stories brand, on the other hand, offers a crescent-shaped straw bag , declined in a shade that mixes green and blue, very strong and decisive . The upper part closes with a practical zip while the chain shoulder strap can be easily replaced thanks to the hook that closes on one of the two sides.

Joseko straw shoulder bag

Joseko offers a line of fun straw bags that are a must-have. The fruit decorations cover the front of the model, which closes with a hook. The shoulder strap is not removable, but you can always insert it inside the bag and show it off as if it were a clutch. Inside there is a small pocket, and it is lined with a nice pattern with red and white squares.


Available with different embroideries: from hearts to cherries

Lined, inside there is a small pocket

Excellent gift idea!

Straw bags: the most sought-after models and must-haves for the summer

Until a few years ago they were dusted off only in late summer: once tucked into the suitcase of the holidays, they were used exclusively to go to the beach and contain everything you need. But for some seasons now straw bags have been regaining the scene among summer accessories as true protagonists, becoming a must have to be flaunted with ease even in the city.

Romantic and carefree, summer 2020 marks the return of straw bags. The latest trends and the most sought after models

Geometric shapes

Jane Birkin used to fill them with flowers and decorate the handles with colorful and imaginative scarves. Handcrafted from wicker weaves, the wicker basket sported by Jane became the symbol of her transformation : from a respectable London girl to an icon of style and trendsetter on the romantic streets of Paris.

With that carefree and dreamy allure that distinguishes them from all the others, straw bags make us relive those unforgettable scenes in which the divas, in the now distant 50s, strolled on the beaches of Saint Tropez showing off this accessory also on the streets Some cities.

In 2020 straw bags will experience their great return on the beaches , but we will see the real turning point in their combination next to everyday looks : in fact, this accessory is perfect to complete every daily outfit , from the most minimal and sophisticated ones to the more elegant and formal ones.

In the spring / summer 2020 bag collections you will discover many different types: from the bucket with shoulder strap to the models decorated with fun embroidery or precious applications. This year all (but all) models are in trend.

Geometric shapes

In terms of straw bags, this year the trend is embodied in geometric shapes : from the more angular models with rigorous lines to the softer ones such as the bucket, an absolute trend. The perfect outfit to show them off with? Light jeans, romantic blouse or t-shirt in neutral shades and at the foot espadrilles or wedges with ankle lacing.

Straw bucket Refurbishhouse

The trendy bucket of summer 2020

The straw bucket signed Refurbishhouse is the straw bag of 2020. Its trendy shape will complete all your outfits, from the most elegant to the simplest and minimal ones. The top handle, in bamboo, can be alternated with a practical removable shoulder strap at any time thanks to the practical side hooks.


Model with both handle and shoulder strap, which you can easily remove at any time thanks to the practical side hooks

The interior is lined, where there are some pockets (also with zip)


Attention to capacity: this model is not very large and, consequently, you can store only what is strictly necessary

The geometric shape will dress the trendy straw bags of 2020. Source: asos

ASOS Design, in its new catalog of spring / summer 2020 bags, includes some interesting straw bag models with original geometric shapes :

the angular hexagon covers the first model, equipped with a practical shoulder strap and with a snap button closure at the top;

the circle is the second shape proposed by ASOS, the most loved for a few seasons now . The first model, with white weaves that alternate with the more classic straw, is also equipped with a practical shoulder strap and button closure on the top.

the round shopper , on the other hand, is offered in natural straw : the two side handles are long enough to be placed also on the shoulder.

Business Model

“Sun business model describes the logic under which an organization creates, distributes and captures value.” –  Alexander Osterwalder

The Business Model is a document which defines all the fundamental aspects for a project. I, like many other entrepreneurs, refer to the Business Model Canvas, we will give you a brief inspiration of what it is and how it works, but if you wanted to deepen and draw up one for your company we ask you to contact us  The Business Model according to the Canvas is divided into 9 segments:

Customer segments,

Value Offered,


Relations with Customers,

Revenue Streams,

Key Resources,

Key Activities,

Key Partnership,

Cost structure.

1- Customer Segments – Who will be the customers? it is possible to have one or more customer segments, for a newsagent the segments are children but also adults, the segments or targets can be identified by age, gender, geographical areas, interests, etc. 2- Value Offered – what is the problem that your product or service solves ? the value offered is the solution to an existing need, it is the motivation for which the identified customer segments (target) should prefer the company over the competition and, therefore, determine the same sales force. 3- Channels – what will or will be the distribution channels of your product service? specifically are the channels that the company uses to inform its potential customers of the service offered. For an eCommerce the channels will be the site, the blog, the forum etc, the company uses the channels to inform potential buyers of the existence of its products and the value offered. The channels can be direct, i.e. owned by the company, or indirect, for example, official distributors and partner stores, such as a marketplace: amazon or ebay or eprice etc. 4- Customer Relationships – How will you communicate with your customers and prospects?Customer relationships are established and maintained with each customer segment, they define the type of relationships that the company establishes with its customers. This communication form helps the company to acquire new customers and retain existing ones, and is therefore an essential part of a business plan that works. 5- Revenue Flows –   what are the revenue flows that derive from the value successfully offered to customers?  The variables to consider are: the prices that can be fixed or dynamic and the methods of payment by calculating the transaction costs. 6- Key Resources – what goods are needed to offer and distribute the goods and services described above?  are all the key resources that the company needs to make its business model work. the strategic assets are made up of human (workforce), physical (points of sale, plant, machinery), intellectual (software, user licenses, copyright) and financial (loans, credit lines, cash) resources. The most useful and effective resources must be identified in order to implement and distribute the above. 7- Key Activities – What activities are needed to manage and use key resources?  groups all the activities necessary for the realization of a value proposition. 8- Key Partnership – What are the activities outsourced?  is the network of suppliers and partners with which the company collaborates to create distribute manage the value it wants to offer its customers. 9- Cost Structure – What are the costs and revenues? income statement with variable fixed costs, therefore for example: personnel, rent, goods purchases, energy users, advertising, etc. Find out more by reading the article: E-commerce Business Model: what it is and how it is made

Business Model what it is, how to create it

Business Model what it is, how to create it

come back upstairs

5- Business Plan

“If you can find a path without obstacles, it probably won’t get you anywhere.” –  Frank A. Clark

The Business Plan is a part of the Business Model , it is the part that Italian banks and financiers really like, who are not very interested in the business model and its structure, but are interested in the accounts, even if they don’t stand up. The business plan can be done in various ways, most of the medium-small companies create an income statement with a small explanation of the interactions of the departments. I use a fairly typical model in which the business plan is divided into 4 sessions:


Executive Summary, summary of the Business,

Marketing Plan,

Financial plan.

1- Mission:  Short statement of what you want to do and how you intend to do it answers the questions: Who we are, what we do, how we do it, why we are better than others. 2- Executive Summary, summary of the Business : What will be the monetization aspects, and the reference market, is a Canvas business model expressed in different ways, especially less simple. 3- Marketing Plan : how to advertise and what the sales strategies will be, market analysis is always part of this section. 4- Financial plan: the real income statement. Normally it is projected over three years, with an explosion of income and expenses, of course it is a hypothesis.Of course, if you want to draw up your business plan, do not hesitate to contact us or request a free consultation with the form below

How to design a winning eCommerce:

In the design of an eCommerce or any other commercial activity, the most important steps to follow are substantially 5, creating a project analyzing it in detail and in its key aspects, will allow you to obtain excellent results, and above all it will avoid you making mistakes or waste money. There is no absolute guarantee that your dream will turn into a successful project, but following in a meticulous way what I will tell you, you will have a sure increase in the possibility of success and to prevent the failure of your e-commerce project . Here are the points covered in this section on how to design a winning ecommerce, If you want to move to a point quickly click on the links below, you will also find a button to return to this index:

Idea e-Commerce Project ,

Market research (demand) ,

Competitor analysis (offers) ,

Business model ,

Business Plan .

Request advice

ECommerce Blog

ecommerce where to start

1- E-commerce project idea

ideas are what can make your project successful, you have to think that the replication of an existing business model often, too often equates to an announced failure, people are increasingly greedy for news, and at the same time increasingly lazy , this is combined in two behaviors:

they want new things,

if something already exists they do not abandon the known solution.

If you have an innovative product or service it will be easier to emerge and make big profits, while if you market something that many others have you will have to differentiate yourself otherwise you will be one of many and you will end up with a downward price war (bankruptcy in the long run).

How do you find the winning idea?

Often the winning idea is closer than you can imagine, focus on what you know

Known market,

Products and / or services covered,

Hobbies or passion,


Work practiced.

Those who come from years of work in a certain sector will have to focus on what this sector offers, what people ask for and what is missing, but we will see this later. Many winning activities started from passions, or interests, for example, I started my first commercial activity following my passion for sport. so do not look too far, observe your environment and focus on your knowledge for now we will touch on the idea marginally, but if you want to deepen you have two possibilities the request for free advice, which you find at the bottom of this page or you can read this very interesting article: Finding the Winning Idea

ecommerce find winning idea

ecommerce find winning idea

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2- Market survey (question)

A product or service must first respond to a request, to an existing question, then carry out a market research and therefore on the demand is indispensable.

Look for a problem you want to solve, an objective question, for example a person who sees badly needs to find a means to help him, and this is the question, then there is the offer, the solution to the problem, which are the glasses

The question must be Objective and Defined and the people with this problem must be in a number that justifies an investment and the opening of an e-commerce.

in a very cynical way the pharmaceutical companies decide not to produce drugs if the number of patients does not justify the study and mass production of the product.

So go back to your idea, and analyze it on the objective problems of your potential customer, then try to understand if the problem is common in many people and if they are willing to spend money on the solution of this problem.

The problem does not necessarily mean that your potential customer will make an economic investment.

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3- Competitor analysis (offers)

“I have fought tough competition all my life. I don’t know how to go on without it. “

–  Walt Disney

The Competitor or Competitor Analysis is  used to understand if the product you want to sell, if the solution you offer, already has offers.

In the case of innovative products or services, this analysis is essential to understand if the market already has solutions or the problem still lacks a solution.

While in the case of selling products offered on the market  also by many others and not exclusively, the whole offer must be identified and how competitors move, the main aspects to know are:

Business model,

Price policy,

Warehouse size,

Delivery costs and accessories,

Site user experience,

Advertising and SEO positioning,


Strengths and weaknesses.

Customer feedback,

Brad Awareness (how well known and strong the brand is).

There are other aspects to take into account, but these are the main ones, too often when we evaluate the Projects of some customers , we find ourselves a graph or a table more or less done well with a comparison of prices on a few dozen products, in which they say they can make an even lower price than their customers. For them, that is synonymous with commercial success.

If we took Amazon as an example, we would find that most of the products they sell are not the lowest prices on the web, yet they sell a lot , why?

Because the price is not everything, many customers buy not only for the cheapest price, but for many other reasons such as:



Additional costs,

Return policy,

Knowledge of the site,

Convenience of navigation and purchase,

Past positive buying experiences.

Study the offer and your competitors,


Parisian chiffon to make an evening dress

There are numerous versions of Chiffon, all equally elegant and refined. Chiffon can be made using synthetic fibers, rayon or even natural fibers such as silk or cotton. The end result of the processing is a fine and light fabric, with a delicate and fluttering drape, which makes it perfect for long evening dresses. Other unique features of Chiffon are:

  • Light and taut cloth armor
  • Made with twist yarns, crepe effect
  • Soft and flexible
  • Elegant drapery
  • Fine and transparent

Silk Chiffon is a very popular option for elegant evening dresses thanks to the unique hand of the fabric and due to the processing with Crêpe-like twisted filaments on both weft and warp. Chiffon is generally semitransparent and thin and therefore the processing of this fabric requires a certain skill and manual skill but the final result is worth the effort. Chiffon is a truly feminine and perfect fabric to make you stand out at your next elegant evening.

Our choice is Parisian Chiffon

The Chiffon Parisian is a soft and silky, fine and light fabric. Given its light nature it is highly breathable and fluttering, which makes it particularly suitable for elegant summer clothes. Our chiffon is slightly less transparent than other fabrics and has an elegant and flattering drape. Create a dress with a fluttering skirt to enhance the beauty and sophistication of this fabric.

Georgette silk

When we talk about Georgette we generally refer to the natural silk Georgette even if lately there are some beautiful versions of Georgette silk made with polyester fibers. It is a unique fabric, whose name derives from the creator of the weave used for weaving. The characteristics for which you should choose the Georgette are:

  • Slightly rippled texture
  • Dry and slightly rough hand
  • Dynamic and flowing drapery
  • High twist of the filaments used
  • Dense mesh armor
  • Keeps shapes well, strong

Like the previous ones, Georgette is also one of the most obvious choices when it comes to evening dresses. The fabric, although light, is very strong and makes it suitable for further processing such as embroidering and adding some applique such as pearls or sequins. Its slightly elastic nature makes it suitable for the creation of long and fluttering women’s dresses.

Here in Contrado you can choose between the two options: natural Georgette silk or synthetic Georgette silk . The latter version combines the beauty and transparency of Georgette silk with the durability and resistance of the synthetic filaments for a soft, dry, strong result with perfect color reproduction. Natural Georgette silk is airy, delicate and elegant thanks to the very fine filaments used for its realization and the natural shine of the silk.


This fabric, generally made with plain weave and in some particular cases in satin, given its particular texture, is often used for the production of formal clothes. The use of filaments with a high degree of torsion generates a particularly rough and rough surface which, together with other characteristics, makes it one of the favorite fabrics of tailors and designers:

  • Rippled / wrinkled surface
  • Relief texture
  • light
  • Matte
  • Elastic in 2 directions
  • Elegant drapery

Crêpe fabric is renowned for its wrinkled, almost knurled surface. This effect gives the fabric a strong character which combined with the soft hand and the elegant drape makes the Crêpe fabric one of the most loved in the fashion world. Crêpe is also very easy to work with and is therefore perfect for starting to create your first line of evening dresses.

Our choice is the Crêpe Fashion Fabric

Thanks to its delicate draping and the appreciable structure on the back and the back, our Crepe Fabric will give your dress a breathtaking appearance. Unlike the usual Crêpe fabrics, our Crêpe Fashion has a soft and silky hand and is moderately elastic and therefore adapts well to any body. It keeps the shapes very well and is comfortable to wear. Perfect for creating evening dresses for ceremonies.

How to sew your dress?

We often attend the red-carpet ceremonies of films and charity events on TV and we are fascinated by the sumptuous evening dresses worn by the VIPs, wishing for an equally elegant and flashy one for ourselves.

Regardless of whether you have gotten an encouragement to go to the Oscar service, your closet merits its excellent long night dress to flaunt for a unique event.

If you love cutting and sewing and you love creating your own clothes why not create an original and unique evening dress yourself? Don’t spend astronomical amounts on buying clothes inspired by those of movie stars. With a little dexterity and the right motif you can create the perfect evening dress at home and with the help of your sewing machine, to wear for any occasion.

Is it worth making your own evening dress yourself?

When you are looking for an evening dress in the store, even the one that comes closest to perfection can present some small mole … whether it is the price too high, the size that is not quite the right one or the colors of the print that do not bring out the tone of your skin. Sometimes, simply, it can simply be the fabric that you don’t like and there is no way to have the perfect dress without having the perfect fabric.

When we think of evening dresses we are led to imagine elegant and ethereal fabrics, a fabric that only a princess would wear, and therefore it is no surprise that silk, satin, chiffon and organza are the favorite fabrics for the production of incredible evening dresses thanks to their natural beauty and delicate and elegant draping.

Beneath we will portray the 7 textures that we at Contra do consider generally appropriate to produce night dresses. The best textures for making formal dresses to help you on your main goal we have chosen the 7 best textures for making an honorary pathway dress. On the off chance that you are befuddled by the names of the various textures accessible, and you don’t know of the distinction among organza and chiffon, or Georgette and tulle, you will discover beneath all the data you need.

Remember to think carefully about the characteristics of the dress you want to create, to make sure that the fabric you select is the most suitable choice to adapt to your shapes or the model of your dress.

1. Velvet

marbled velvet fabric for making a dress

Marbled Velvet

Velvet is an incredibly suitable fabric for an elegant formal dress. The brilliance of the fabric, the depth of the play of light that are created, the drapery that enhances the shapes make this fabric perfect for the creation of a sexy and feminine dress. The qualities for which to prefer velvet are:

Its splendid shine

Soft and elegant drapery

The play of light on the surface

Softness and pleasantness to the touch

Strength and durability of the fabric

Velvet can be made with silk fibers or with synthetic fibers and, given its generally short and thick fur, it has historically always been the preferred fabric for formal or evening wear. Lately the fashion industry has renewed its interest in this fabric which is now increasingly present in stores and in our wardrobes for casual and informal clothes.

Our choice is Marbled Velvet

The marbled velvet is a more modern version of the classic velvet. This rich and extravagant texture has a one of a kind wool, with a grain of hair that creates every which way making a “marbled” impact that outcomes in exquisite chromatic varieties. If you are looking for a unique velvet that makes the difference, choose our Marbled Velvet for your evening dress.